View updated Caterpillar 16M Motor Grader specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Motor Grader models. Total. 26 kg. 59, lb. Front axle. kg. 16, lb. Rear axle. 19 kg. 43, lb. Moldboard. Blade Width. m. 16 ft. 16M. Motor Grader. 22 Results ROPS: Enclosed; Caterpillar 16M Motor Grader for sale, Well maintained, Ready to go, Will ship from South America. Contact us for further.

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Brake Systems Brakes are located at each tandem wheel to eliminate braking loads on the power train.

Cat 16M3 Motor Grader –

Hydraulics The 16M electro-hydraulics enable advanced machine controls with precise and predictable movements. Perforated raised steel walkways cover the tandems. The Work Tools and optional attachments for the 16M expand machine versatility, utilization and performance. MSS deters theft, vandalism and unauthorized use.

Advanced joystick controls provide unmatched controllability with precise, predictable hydraulic movements and the reliability you expect from Caterpillar. Lean joystick left and right3 – Circle turn: Machine Selection Make detailed comparisons of the machines under consideration before purchase.

This integrated feature reduces machine downtime and lowers operating costs. Variable piston Variable piston. Shimless Moldboard Retention System The unique shimless moldboard retention system reduces the potential for blade chatter.

Cat 16M3 Motor Grader 85507

High Line Series Gradef — Collectible, full-color-printed metal box, including brader photos and specifications. A wide variety of Caterpillar GET is available on the 16M, including cutting edges, graderbits and end bits, all designed for maximum service life and productivity. Extended Service Intervals The 16M extended service intervals, such as hour engine oil changes and hour hydraulic oil changes, reduce machine service time and increase availability. Net Torque Gears Caterpillar has built the most comfortable cab in the industry by replacing the control levers and steering wheel with two joystick controls, and lengthening the cab to give more leg room.


Moldboard Width 16 ft in. Please fix the errors below to continue.

Specifications Overview The 16M3 Motor Grader will have a direct impact on mine site productivity and costs. Operator Station The 16M features a revolutionary cab design that provides unmatched comfort, visibility and ease of use, making the operator more confident and productive.

Caterpillar 16M Motor Grader

Blade Pull at Max Weight. This standard feature automatically unlocks the differential during a turn, and re-locks once the machine is straight. Calculated with no 116m and Standard on the 16M, Cat Messenger provides real-time machine performance and diagnostic data with an easy-to-use interface. Multiple seat controls and armrests are easy to adjust for optimal support and comfort all day. The optional variable float feature gives the operator the ability to select the amount of down force 16k blade has when it is in float.

Independent Oil Supply Large, separate hydraulic oil supply prevents cross-contamination and provides proper oil cooling, which reduces heat build-up and extends component life. This creates a wider, lower profile to be better aligned with passenger cars. The result is a rugged machine you can rely on for years to come. See more Front Frame Structure Continuous top and bottom plate construction provides consistency and strength.

Direct drive, power shift, countershaft Direct drive, power shift, countershaft.

Additional cab features include cup holder, lighter and ashtray, coat hook, storage area, night time light, and power port. The 16M has many additional standard safety features, including laminated glass on the front windows and doors, back-uplights and sounding alarm, black glare-reducing paint on the front frame and engine enclosure, lockable doors, and conveniently located grab rails for added safety. The optimal curvature and large throat clearance help move material quickly and efficiently.


Multiple adjustment capabilities for the arm rest, wrist rests and joystick pods help keep the operator comfortable throughout a long shift. Inching Pedal Allows precise control of machine movements in any gear with low pedal effort and excellent modulation, critical in close-quarter work or finish grading.

Individual functions are easily programmable through Cat ET to meet the configuration you need. Aggressive Blade Angle With a long wheelbase the operator can obtain aggressive moldboard angles so material rolls more freely along the length of the blade. Caterpillar 16M Motor Grader. Learn More Services When you choose Finning, you have a wide array of support and specialty services to help you get the most from your equipment. Good road conditions are key on extending truck life, reducing maintenance, lowering fuel costs and reducing tire damage, as a result, cycle times are improved and more ore is produced as a lower cost.

Maintenance Gfader Repair option programs guarantee the cost of repairs up front. The 16M boasts excellent visibility to the work area, made possible with angled cab doors, a tapered engine enclosure and a patented sloped rear window. Shank Holder Spacing – Minimum. Cat ET is a two-way communication tool that gives service technicians easy access to stored diagnostic data and lets them configure the machine parameters through the Cat Data Link.

Transmission – Differential – Final Drives. A simple switch located in the cab disables all implement functions while still providing machine steering control.