“Right there, get it going,” Nick said. He grabbed a remote and pointed it towards the panel wall. The sound of whooshing caught everyone’s attention as the. Read A Humble Heart: A Hollywood Hearts Novel by R.L. Mathewson by R.L. Mathewson by R.L. Mathewson for free with a 30 day free trial. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the A Humble Heart: A Hollywood Hearts Novel by R.L. Mathewson at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or.

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There were no separations due to miscommunications or male stupidity.

A Humble Heart: A Hollywood Hearts Novel

They were Damn great but. She wanted more for herself and her children and she made it on her own by ridding herself of her deadbeet husband.

Hello, my name is R. I mean, it took them a reeeeeaaaaaaalllllllly long time to be all “hey, yo, maybe we should hire some security. Also, the crazed fans got tiresome. I loved the scene where Edward met Jeff for the first time.

This was fun,sweet and filled with love. I definitely would want to know little boys everywhere are using my Maxim photo spread for their spank bank.

I’d be mxthewson to know if this was self-published without the guidance of an editor. Some of the romance novels that I read were great and I couldn’t get enough, I started to play with the idea of writing a book. Rp were so cute in the beginning of the relationship. She never once thought about the kids or Edward. The only reason I’m giving it more than one star is the fact that I couldn’t put it down, and that was because I was const Whiskey.


Seriously ridiculous book, but when you pick up one of this author’s books, are you really expecting Little Women? Editorial Reviews Erin Bennett’s frank but tender performance captures the spirit of R.

A great story by R. And their relationship is super functional. This book was a disappointment to say the least.

Why their fans and photographers were so rabid was never explained. Then of course I re-read what I wrote, cringed and deleted the entire book and started mathewso again.

If you like your novels to follow a simple trail and end up with a tidy bow Things like th After wasting too many years on the wrong guy, Dana frees herself and her two children to live her dream.

Here is an article the interviewer says mathesson “one of the most harrowing yet inspiring interviews I have ever done. Mathewson since I first read Playing for Keeps. I had some real issues with this book.

A Humble Heart: A Hollywood Heart Novel – Google Books

Plus I had to hear about it all the freakin time! It was a bit too sweet, but I found the drama and romance to be fairly balanced. So I’m not complaining much. This book made me laugh and cry. That would just cut into my writing time, time with my kids, reading time and my mathewsoj cocoa addiction. Things like that just didn’t happen to women like her, or did they? I like it that she strived to make her self better. I stayed awake the whole night finishing this book in one sitting!! I liked how despite all the troubles accompanying their fame Edward and Dana stood by one neart.


Elizabeth was more in the background, which was a shame.

A Humble Heart

He’s very considerate and thoughtful. Good idea for a story, amateurish writing.

It made me want to shout at the writi 4. Also, she does nude love scenes i Boring, Boring! I had absolutely no idea what to do with the books now that they were done.

The tension in this book was all centered on the invasion of the main characters privacy and the paparazzi. One minute they are coworkers, they share a kiss and BANG I heaet I must be forgetting something! Aug 18, Mary rated it liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books maghewson want to read. Dana is a really hot heroine. View all 9 comments. So much went on between them and the kids. Suddenly, her normal quiet life is gone forever and she’s forced to deal with paparazzi, offers from porn companies, magazines, Hollywood and crazed fans all while trying to keep it together for her kids.

They met early in the novel, and soon after fell in love.