AFI 91-207 PDF

d Air Base Wing – Home of America’s Arctic Warriors. References. •. DoDI – DoD Traffic Safety Program. •. AFI – USAF Traffic Safety Program. AFI is published! In an effort to ensure users have their questions and concerns addressed, we will post the most frequently asked questions through the. Air Force Motorcycle Rider Information. Training: According to AFI dated 12 Sept, , Motorcycle safety training is not intended to meet state, territory.

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Kindergarten Car and Road Show. Power of Ari TR Commands shall not waive the training requirement. Commanders are encouraged to establish joint training programs with installation and unit commanders of the other Service and local and State motorcycle safety program managers, wherever practical.

Increased Visibility Local policy may differ.

These courses are intended to improve the riders’ skills and knowledge through a curriculum that includes practice maneuvers conducted at street or highways speeds, challenging cornering techniques and other realistic scenarios conducted in a controlled environment.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety. The follow-on training must target the type of motorcycle the Marine owns or operates. To reduce the potential for traffic mishaps ai by operator fatigue, Commanders and supervisors will encourage personnel to apply personal risk management when trip planning both on- and off-duty.

Riders should select PPE that incorporates fluorescent colors and retro-reflective material. All unlicensed motorcycle riders must complete Levell training prior to attending any other advanced level motorcycle training. Protective eye devices designed for motorcycle operators impact or zfi resistant safety glasses, goggles, wrap around glasses sealing the eye, or face shield properly attached to the helmet shall be properly worn. Convene a quarterly installation Traffic Safety Control Group TSCG with members representing, at a minimum, installation level security forces, civil engineering, and transportation.


At a minimum, the ORM evaluation will include: This is an instructor led course. Includes 91207 civilians employed by Air Force in direct or indirect hire status. All levels of supervision and management shall participate actively in the enforcement of the program and become involved by personal example and written instruction. Make special provisions for separation of pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Applicable laws and regulations.

Marine Corps Motorcycle Rider Information. All dirt bike or off-road motorcycle riders must complete appropriate Level I off-road training e.

Provisions shall be made for adequate sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, handicapped access ramps and bicycle paths to ensure safe traffic flow without jeopardizing pedestrian safety. Unlicensed operators when a license is required seeking to become fai motorcycle operator on a roadway must comply with the skills training, permit and license requirements of the state, territory, host nation or applicable Status of Forces agreement.

Program and manage funds for implementation of the traffic safety program.

Gloves should be sturdy, non-slip type to permit a firm grip on the controls. The vehicles will comply with local, State, U.

Ensure personnel receive all required traffic safety training. According to AFI dated 12 Sept,Motorcycle safety training is not intended to meet state, territory, host nation or applicable SOFA licensing afu. Air Force Motorcycle Rider Information. Wearing of long sleeved shirt or jacket, long trousers and full-fingered gloves or mittens is required.

AFI 91-207 Traffic Safety Program

Handouts may be used to supplement sfi course presentation. The safety inspections shall evaluate systems and components for vehicle performance to include, but not limited to, safety belts, lighting, exhaust systems, wipers, horns, brake systems, steering systems, suspension, tires, and wheel assemblies. These devices, including skateboards, kick-scooters, roller-skates, are prohibited on installation roadways except for incidental road access associated with pedestrians and will comply with all pedestrian related traffic laws.


Meet or exceed requirements for ati training. Footwear Local policy may differ. Use of these vehicles will be restricted to low speed areas of Air Force installations with speed limits not exceeding 25 MPH. Helmet wear see 3.

– Military Motorcycle Rider PPE information

This is a privately maintained website to try 9-207 increase awareness of the PPE requirements for U. Attendance to non-DoD sponsored courses for personal convenience does not require Air Force reimbursement.

Course I, Introductory Traffic Safety. For the purpose of this instruction the use of the term motor scooter only refers to motor vehicles defined by and authorized to be used in traffic by applicable traffic codes and laws. Hours of authorized roadway use and rules for nighttime operation.

The course will specifically address safety rules for 91-027 of motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters, and bicycles. A windshield alone does not constitute proper eye protection. This does not involve automatic adoption of city, local, or host nation traffic laws on Air Force installations.