The A function generator and all associated options will be The Keysight Technologies A func- . Operating manual, service manual, quick. Agilent A. 20 MHz Function /. Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Service Guide . Publication Number (order as manual set). Agilent A. Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator .. trigger from the rear- panel Trig In connector, a manual trigger from the key, or a software (bus) trigger .

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If you specify a low level that is greater than the existing high level, the function generator will automatically set the high level to be 1 mV greater than the low level.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Check the list of parameters to verify that you have used a valid parameter type.


You must insert a blank space to separate a parameter from a command keyword. This is a read-only register and bits are not mnual when you read the register. You can select a sine, square, ramp, pulse, or arbitrary waveform noise is allowed only in the gated burst mode and dc is not allowed.

Press the Burst Period softkey and then set the period to 20 ms using the numeric keypad or the knob and cursor keys. Tutorial In order to achieve the best performance from the Agilent A, it may be helpful for you to gain a better understanding of the internal operations of the instrument.

Chapter 7 Tutorial Direct Digital Synthesis The A represents amplitude values by 16, discrete voltage levels or bit vertical resolution. The default is VPP. All of the standard output functions except dc and noise have an associated Sync signal.


Agilent Technologies 33220A User Manual

This is because the waveform may have a non-zero average value that would be added to the DC Offset. Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; selected arb is missing, changing selection to default If you delete an arbitrary waveform from non-volatile memory after storing the instrument state, the waveform data is lost and the function generator will not output the waveform when the state is recalled.

To set the waveform period instead, press the Freq softkey again to toggle to the Period softkey. For internally- triggered bursts, the minimum frequency is 2.


Select the source from which the function generator will accept a trigger. Page 97 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Pulse Width Modulation PWM Width Deviation The width deviation represents the variation in width in seconds zgilent the modulated waveform from the width of the original pulse waveform.

Each character must be a letter “a” Chapter mankal Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; high level changed due to low level You can set the levels to a positive or negative value, but note that the high level must always be greater than the low level. Page Chapter 7 Tutorial Creating Arbitrary Waveforms For example, consider an arbitrary waveform consisting of 10 cycles of a sine waveform.

Also, a remote front panel interface is provided, which allows you to control the instrument over the network. Chapter 4 Remote Interface Reference Simplified Programming Overview Simplified Programming Overview This section gives an overview of kanual basic xgilent used to program the function generator over the remote interface. When power is restored, the instrument can automatically return to its state before power-down.

Used in the triggered burst mode only internal or external source. SOUR command to select the source from which the sweep will be triggered.


Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; FSK turned off by selection of other mode or modulation The function manuual will allow only one modulation, sweep, or burst mode to be enabled at the same time. For a linear sweep, the function generator varies the output frequency in a linear fashion during the agilfnt.

However, only one label for example, Freq or Period is displayed for each softkey at one time. The function generator begins at the start frequency, sweeps to the stop frequency, and then resets back to the start frequency.

The default is Vpp. The duty cycle deviation is expressed as a percentage of the period. The magnitude of a sine wave is usually specified by its peak, peak-to-peak, or root-mean- square RMS value. Page IP address to a device on a network.

Front-Panel Number Entry You can enter numbers agilfnt the front-panel using one of two methods. Page 78 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Amplitude Modulation AM Modulation Depth The modulation depth is expressed as a percentage and represents the extent of the amplitude variation. OFFS commands to configure the carrier waveform.

33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz

As shown in the simplified block diagram below, the output of the waveform DAC goes through an anti- aliasing filter. Be mahual to use the support rails in the rack cabinet. In AM amplitude modulationthe amplitude of the carrier is varied by the amplitude of the modulating waveform.

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