In this case, I think of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho because I associated with them, but I hope you have your own, because the world is a. Born in London in , Ajahn Sucitto entered monastic life in Thailand in He subsequently took bhikkhu ordination there in , but returned to Britain. We are pleased to announce that Ajahn Sucitto, the former abbot of the Cittaviveka (Chithurst) Buddhist Monastery in England, will be visiting.

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The Fourth Tetrad – Realization Anapanasati: Because in spiritual matters, when faced with either scripture or legal structure on one hand, and relationship to someone’s radiant presence on the other, most people will follow the living being.

Ajahn Sucitto

Retrieved 18 January Our conditioning and underlying programs have us aiming at unattainable benchmarks. Devotion as a way of bringing citta into personhood Puja: Make your practice extensive, rather than intensive Introduction Introduction Introduction to Retreat: Being the Center Early Morning Reflections: List of modern Eastern religions writers List of writers on Buddhism.

Ajahn Sucitto began teaching retreats for laypeople after the Rains Retreat that is, autumn of When addressing people, he spoke from his own conviction a Dhamma that went sucitt the heart; this, coupled with the authority that any speaker is given had profound effects.


Can one exist without the other? But this only sets us up for suffering. The hinge point then is how charisma is referred to and used.

Ajahn Sucitto » Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

The greatest gift is the gift of the teachings. Living with Ajahn Sumedho for over a decade gave me a precious view of how these forms of influence and power arise and with what care they need to be managed.

Then the heart is not troubled by things not going its way. In this case, I think of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho because I associated with them, but I hope you have your own, because the world is a tough place without that light. But don’t take any of it personally.

Spiritual power carries an effective potential for good or for bad. Modern Buddhist writers 19th century to date. Effort informed by the spiritual faculties is a means to stave off hindrances. After a few months of foundational work, he returned to Cittaviveka. And at times people found it easier to circumvent the management and go directly to the spiritual director — who would give a go-ahead without considering all the details.

This Dhamma-Vinaya is the Refuge, the resource and the guide when the Teacher passes away; properly lived, it is capable of handling the world of success and failure, acclaim and disrepute. Personal values have to be more than ideas. Sharing Awareness Closing Session: But then there’s the management.


Cittaviveka – Ajahn Sucitto – The Wisdom Vehicle

The first right effort is to dwell in what is skillful. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In brief, I don’t think that it would be an over-estimation to say that at least nine monastic communities, sucihto thousands of lay people’s practice, have been largely founded on Luang Por Sumedho’s teaching, example and sheer presence.

This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Ajahn Sumedho had taken up residence in the Hampstead Buddhist Vihara inand readily accepted Sucitto as a disciple.

Listening to the earth with the soles of the feet Standing Meditation Standing Ajhn Standing Meditation Standing meditation Standing Meditation Standing Meditation Standing Meditation Standing Meditation Instruction: Amaravati’s main aims were to house the nuns’ community which has outgrown Cittaviveka to offer further accommodation for bhikkhus and hold retreats and public occasions for laypeople.

Sitting in a field of fifty to eighty people really starts my mind sparking.

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