Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents. The Externals sourcebook reveals to players and Gamemasters alike the heart of the Released as a PDF only following the death of the Alternity line. Star Drive (stylized as Star*Drive) is a science fiction campaign setting that was published in by TSR, Inc. for the Alternity role-playing game. Alternity’s first setting was detailed in the Star Drive Campaign Setting () Professions. 3 Publications. Game books; Novels. 4 References; 5 External links.

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Create detailed starships, improve your hero’s skills, and enjoy new methods of explosive battle with the ALTERNITY game rules for starships, faster-than-light travel, space tactics, boarding, and starship combat.

Now the rebuilding begins. The heroes must disable the ship, or somehow dissuade it from carrying out its deadly mission and wiping out millions of innocent people. Post ‘s first work for TSR. You’ll learn what the Hoffmann Institute is willing to give you, and what you have to buy on the street. Both its stardrive and its AI unit had been damaged – the ship could not return home, and as a result it never discovered that the war had ended.

In addition there is a thirteenth nation called the Galactic Concord, created by the Treaty of Concord.

Star Drive – Wikipedia

Tensions between the colonies led to the first galactic war infinally ending in with the emergence of 26 stellar nations. Or will they join the ranks of countless other explorers who have never been heard from again? The text traces the voyage of the Concord Survey Vessel Kepler as it visits 14 different star systems around the Verge. Just don’t linger – you never know who might be watching. It also includes a page booklet of record-keeping aids: Characters are typically employed and have an allegiance to a company or government.


There are seven novels and one anthology written for the setting. Visit a dozen fully described worlds, and learn of powerful interstellar empires. The mighty fortress ship Monitor and its support fleet rush across hundreds of light-years, desperate to answer the distress call and unravel the riddle of the outpost on the farthest edge of the Verge Rewire the power grid for a major metropolitan area?

The Killing Jar “An abandoned car, stolen by a desperate thief.

New powers emerged, forming the Terran Empire in What begins as a simple investigation by the heroes quickly develops into a tangled plot of old secrets and new deceptions. The Galactic Concord has responded as quickly as possible, but faster-than-light technology being what alternith is, even distress messages take many days to get through.

Klick Clack sends heroes into the very jaws of the lion. Open up the throttle and take the future by storm!

Discovering how, and why, is what The Killing Jar is all about. For the video game, see StarDrive. Humanity has colonized thousand of planets – but ambitious nations contend or prime sectors of real estate. The name “Klick” was coined by Galactic Concord soldiers and based on the odd clicking sounds that the aliens make when they communicate.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

Galactic Concord soldiers, accordingly, prefer to battle Klicks from a safe distance. Alternoty comprehensive guide to characters with fantastic abilities is guaranteed tne change the way you play the game. These previously uncataloged beings come from the farthest reaches of space and the depths of our oceans, from the deepest jungles and worlds outside our universe.

Through their dealings, the heroes uncover a sinister plot involving a cykotek oxygen runner and a nefarious black marketeer. With the aid of unhuman allies, the player characters must unravel the mystery before they become that latest victims of an ancient horror. A Klick naturally produces a field of energy that causes non-Klicks to feel weak and tired. Klick Clack “For the past decade, klicks have struck at the humans of the Hammer’s Star system and then vanished into the depths of space.


Maps of the main worlds are also show at a high scale. Your journey into a world of adventure, excitement, wonder, and terror begins here.

A Guide to FX “If you can imagine it, you can play extenrals Included in the product is a map of the base itself, and – for the first time – schematics of a klick attack ship! Inside this page, full-color book are more than 60 detailed descriptions and illustrations of aliens that live in and around the planets of the Verge.

A period of stellar colonization of habitable worlds ensues, led by six wealthy power blocs. The Point Pleasant “mothman” exhernals of the s. A corporation that introduces revolutionary devices into the American home. Now it offers a whole new range of possibilities: But where are the terrorists?

The news from the Verge isn’t all good, but what news ever is? Human beings have built starships and founded a civilization reaching hundreds of light-years across the galaxy.

This article is about the science fiction campaign setting. Gamma Terra is what’s left, a world blighted by radioactive deserts, deadly ruins, and thousands of new and dangerous species armed and armored with bizarre mutations and the wreckage of technology.

This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat The Regency government maintains Bluefall’s independence against a storm of challenges. This sourcebook provides a framework for interdimensional adventuring in these parallel worlds, including information on how to create and travel through one parallel universe after another. Klicks have strange, wedge-shaped bodies covered with smooth, chitinous plates. Hack into the Orbital Defense Network?