AMFPHP Beta 2 (UPDATED – Beta 2 now supports Services override Note: If you’re reading an old tutorial, it will tell you that you should see a. instructions you can find the files created in this tutorial here. Unzip them in lib/ amfphp/ and they should. After I made it to the end, I decided to write a tutorial about the best approach to build AMFPHP is a great open-source tool that allow flash to.

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Create a new fla called User. PDO Will it be!!!

As for Flash, you need a function that is called when the result of the tutorrial is available: Sign in to your account Account Login Username. Start your client development with a fully functional client project using the Client Generator. First, we need to save our meta user-data about every user in OUR database, and for this we need to use a server-side language in this tutorial I will talk about Mysql, but every other database or server-side language is fine.

Documentation Source code Stackoverflow amfphp Bug report. Feel free to send me feedback to yard[at]gmail[dot]com!

Creation of a Flash Facebook application using AMFPHP – Emanuele Feronato

Failed do anyone have a solution? Here we create the object describing the call and use the JSON stringify function. Just so you know, there is a page for you that contains the information you were missing, I think: Post there and I will gladly answer you.

Silex Labs community Tweets Tweets sur silexlabs. Views Page Discussion View source History. I got internal error. This installs the necessary code libraries for Flash to communicate with a Flash remoting server.


Your first Project using Amfphp

This page is no longer in use. How do I call function from class in php file using Flash as3?

You can either do it by hand or use a library to do it for you. The objects used are slightly different. Silex Labs community Tweets Tweets sur silexlabs. Developers can focus on features unique to their projects, regardless of the communication between client and server. After Tutorual made it to the end, I decided to write a tutorial about the best approach to build flash-facebook game.

It is becoming increasingly complex to code with the diversity of technologies used in these terminals. Where is located the examples folder? Now onto the code itself.

A screen shot is shown below. Hi, using flex 4. Now Yarden Refaeli from Rigel Games is sharing with us his experience in creating a Flash Facebook application using another technique.

Now all we need to do is to call this function from our Actionscript 3 tutirial, like this:. With Amfphp, there would only be one code! When you are logged in this movie will list all user preferences for you. I recommend the use of eclipse for editing your code or vi, you can find info about using both of these editors on Moodle docs and you will find info about browsing the Moodle source code which is the best way to become ttorial with the moodle api.

In it you can put the following:. If you want to develop applications and services for ActionScript 3. The standard way of doing things with a Flex project involves creating an XML file containing information about your server and using it in the compiler options. You have a web page, a tablet app and a smartphone app, and they all want to access some shared data, for example a list of emails.


Where can I get Flash as3 Pizza example?

AMFPHP – MoodleDocs

This method is defined by the responder. When you call the remote function, you can pass as many parameters to PHP as the function require. This depends on which client-side technology you are using, so choose the appropriate part below. Restart your Flash editor after installing the components.

If necessary more info can be found on the amfphp site here. An Example of mysql databse would be very welcome! Please put some simple, Team Leaders! Your script would quickly get pretty complex and unmanageable. I suggest you read https: Once you can return data from Amfphp to your client, try to get some information from a database.

Our function simply cast it to string and put it in our text field. If there is a Moodle sesssion, the sesssion info is available to your service code in just the same way that it is in in a php script that generates html. So, you need a function that is called when the call returns:.

And edit the following on the stage:. Personal tools Log in.