Mandela: The Authorised Biography is a study of Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa, by the late journalist Anthony Sampson. Sampson’s book. Widely considered to be the most important biography of Nelson Mandela, Antony Sampson’s remarkable book has been updated with an afterword by. Perhaps no living historical figure, with the possible exception of Pope John Paul II, enjoys the worldwide honor and affection accorded Nelson Mandela. All the.

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His biography in the end converged with his mythology; and it was his essential integrity more than his superhuman myth which gave his story its appeal across the world,” says Sampson.

This biography goes well with a collection of his own writings and sayi This story has an epic sense of the Hero’s Life while capturing what makes him so human.

From Thee, the free encyclopedia. One of my concerns, however, was whether Sampson could provide an objective analysis of Mandela, sampsin ANC African Th Congressand those who surrounded and influenced the future South African president especially his controversial second wife, Winnie. Sampson also alleged that Warrant Officer James Gregorya warder on Robben Islandpretended to have been Mandela’s friend while Mandela was imprisoned there, in order to make money.

Obviously so much more complete, but so well written, very objectively and yet still a sense of real knowledge about the subject. Mandela’s ability to negotiate with the apartheid government, not for himself but for his country, his unswerving goal of freeing all minorities, putting them on equal footing with whites, and his ability to work with all tribes, seeing them all as African, is incredible.

Excellent read, very objective description of a great man’s life. The author has known Mandela since the s, and has been given complete access to all his personal papers, to Mandela himself, and to his friends and political associates, to write the full story of Mandela’s life. Certainly 30 years in prison is no cakewalk, but biograohy me it sounded as if his election was only the beginning of his most difficult time in life.


He has “grown up in Public” No matter how the authorities tried to squash his voice, we are privy to so much of his own writings and his amazing evolution during the monastic like time in prison–over two decades. And to his samppson, Sampson takes pains to illustrate Mandela’s evolution in thinking throughout his time in jail- Mandela’s imprisonment being covered in greater detail for the first time.

But back to Mandela. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mandela had himself made these criticisms in Long Walk to Freedombut Sampson also broached new topics. For Winnie, what I found interesting was Mandela’s intense loyalty when she was both disloyal sexually with him and also got involved in murders and Fascinating book.

The Presidential Years Dec 24, Tina Alston rated it it was amazing. Painful passages aampson Mandela’s life are mentioned but not real This brick of a biography provides a very comprehensive account of the political career of Nelson Mandela, his involvement in the ANC, anyhony the anti-apartheid movement.

I recently read good to great and Anthony Sampson was another fascinating character.

Mandela by Anthony Sampson | : Books

A very detailed biography by a British journalist who knew Mandela from until the book was published in Biographer Anthony Sampson had the advantage of knowing Mandela sinceand had unlimited access to information, papers, and correspondence unavailable to many other historians at that time. Sampson accused de Klerk of permitting his police and defence ministers to sponsor both Inkatha and secret pro-apartheid organisations that terrorised opposition movements, the Third Force.

Herein lie the importance and genius of Nelson Mandela. He has been, without doubt, one of the most important figures in global sampsn. The real astonishing feat of Nelson Mandela came after his release from prison, where he managed to negotiate an end to autnorized and hold his country together, despite the threat of Civil War, which seemed very real in the early 90s.

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To ask other readers questions about Mandelaplease sign up. It covers much time and much detail and in the end boils it all down to the infallible man, Madiba, who saved South Africa without a civil war. This guy didn’t become President until the same age Reagan was when he left office wasn’t he like, ? I just couldn’t keep my interest up with reading sessions of minutes.

Mandela: The Authorised Biography

They felt rather fo Public library copy. Mandela also handled several situations extremely well Just pages in, but the content is informative, the writing flows well and what a great and complicated and conflicted and amazing human being this guy is.

January 17, just passed the halfway mark, making progress. In this utterly compelling book, eminent biographer Anthony Sampson draws on a fifty year-long relationship to reveal the man who rocked a continent — and changed its future.

It’s not too difficult, save for the length. Mar 15, Diane Balcom rated it really liked it. It’s arguably his most controversial period among his supporters, where he was criticised for being too concilliatory to the previous Afrikaner government. Happy belated birthday, Madiba. This story has an epic sense of the Hero’s Life while capturing what makes him so human.