The AP combines a Pulse Width Modulation. (PWM) controller and a V power MOSFET, specifically designed for a high performance off-line converter. AP Datasheet – PWM Controller – AiT Semiconductor, APP8U datasheet, AP pdf, AP pinout, AP equivalent, data. Product Detail: Offer AP CHIPOWN, APA, APC from Hong Kong Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA.

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The D3 voltage variation depends datsaheet the diode V-I characteristics. The outline dimensions are 38x29mm. Figure 7 shows the variation of the output voltage with input DC voltage change. The converter is called inverting. Sense FET source terminal on primary side and internal control ground.

Stresses above may cause permanent damage to the device. The board incorporates both a buck and buck-boost variant of the converter.

Diode D6 limits the output voltage at light load condition and it also protects the U2 voltage regulator. Dahasheet fault condition occurs, switching is terminated and.

This device includes a high voltage start up current source connected on the SW of the device. The presented power supply has two variants. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device ap datasheet. Phase N, peak detector 2. Unlike conventional PWM control circuits which use a.

As the Ap datasheet pin does not receive any current from the opto-coupler, the device operates at full current capacity and the output voltage rises until reaching the xatasheet point ap datasheet the secondary loop begins to send a current in the opto-coupler.

AP8012 Datasheet PDF – Chipown

The second one with negative output voltage is a buck-boost converter. The holes for through-hole components are not seen in the picture. The zener diode D6 was not connected during the measurements. The SW pin is designed to connect directly to the primary lead of the transformer.


T r Rise Ap datasheet. The R3 voltage variation is 0. This publication supersedes and replaces all information previously supplied. The output current is the parameter in this case. During primary switch ON-time the inductor current flows through the inductor to ground and not to the output capacitor as for buck converter. Exposure to absolute maximum.

The zener diode D6 was not connected during the measurements Figure 6: As soon as the primary switch is turned off, the inductor reverses the voltage between its terminals and current starts to flow through the forward biased D5 diode and charges the output capacitor C3.

Ap datasheet offers a large amount of data sheet, You can free PDF files download. One should notice the negative voltage present on the VIPer12 source after internal switch turn-off. Two diodes in series are used for EMI reasons to sustain burst pulses of 2kV.

R2 receives this current and the current coming from the COMP pin. The voltage feedback loop is provided via zener diode Dqtasheet, resistor R3 and capacitor C6.


Fig 1 Startup circuit 2. Phase Datasehet, peak detector Figure Assembly Solder Side not in scale Figure 4: Fig 1 Startup circuit. Auxiliary under voltage lockout with hysteresis. Phase L, average detector Figure The purpose of those pictures is to demonstrate the skipping cycle function at light or no-load condition and cycle-by-cycle primary current limitation at overload or output shorted condition.

AP8012 Datasheet

This allows the inductor current to flow also through D4 and supply the VIPer12 and give the feedback information about output voltage. T c Case Operating Temperature. It is because the output voltage is negative compared to the input voltage referred to the same common ground. In this switch-off phase the source terminal of the VIPer12 sees a negative level of the forward biased D5 when referenced to ground so it can be considered as grounded.


The internal start-up current source of the VIPer12 charges the IC supply capacitor C4 to a specified start-up threshold voltage of about 16V.

Figure 8 depicts the dependency of the efficiency on the datashset voltage parameter is output current while Figure 9 shows the dependency on the output current parameter is input voltage. This circuit inhibits ap PWM comparator. Auto start up with high voltage current source.

Thanks to this diode the feedback loop circuit is separated from supply circuit.


Channel 4 red shows the inductor current. The input capacitor C1 is charged from line via one way rectifier consisting of diodes D1 and D2. No dwtasheet is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of STMicroelectronics. The H is a monolithic low-power CMOS device combining a programmable timer and aap series of voltage ap datasheet on the same chip.

The diode D7 between capacitor C7 and C4 ensures the proper start-up of the converter. It is because the feedback current reacts to the output load change to adopt switching duty cycle. The circuit is EMI compliant both emission and immunitywhen a small input filter is added. Phase N, daasheet detector Figure