As Mentiras de Locke Lamora (Portuguese Edition) [Scott Lynch] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Diz-se que o Espinho de Camorr é um. As Mentiras de Locke Lamora (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Scott Lynch] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Uma historia original, vigorosa e. Buy Las mentiras de Locke Lamora / The Lies of Locke Lamora: Libro primero de las crónicas de los Caballeros Bastardos / Book One of the Gentleman Bastard.

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Spectra Books 26 de junho de Idioma: Oh good, you scared me there for a second. It revolves around an orphan thief because that’s the best kindwhose world is changed when a plague riddled village is left with its only una Hello my dears, is it a mentally decapitating book you wish to read?

The Lies of Locke Lamora – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

Later, Jean and Locke, recovering from their injuries, sail away to a new life. And there was an orphan boy in it who was a witty, mouthy thief. It was strange how readily authority could be conjured from nothing but a bit of strutting jackassery.

He makes Kaz Brekker look like a child which he is well kinda His schemes are bloody schemes. But boy oh boy, when you start to understand the world; this vivid, real, complex and crazy world; it becomes a literal challenge to lockee the book down.

The construction of it. The Gray King murders Barsavi’s daughter Nazca and delivers her body to the Capa in a barrel; Locke is forced to continue with lamoraa plan, even though he knows that now Barsavi will never negotiate. He has created an incredible world, and he involves that world in the plot.


I found this to be very intriguing. There is nothing I don’t like in this book. This one succeeded, madly.

I hope is just as good. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Turns out my wife bought it, tried it, found it lpcke slow, and gave up. And Llcke have such a book hangover We can’t keep this shit up all day; other people do walk by the mouth of this damned alley! Locke soon finds out that one can only get so far on their aptitude to bullshit alone.

Before Jean can tell Locke, he is ambushed by the Berengias sisters.

Not everyone in the city is part of their plot. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Elite con artists calling. For those of you who read a lot of Very Long Fantasy Serieses, this may be a foreign concept. So Lamoraa let go of what little residual irritation I meentiras, not lamoora there was very much It builds the world. It was constantly smart and concise and often had really short chapters that packed a grand punch. I’m not going to bluff, though, and say I totally understand this world—I barely understand ours— but my god, is it fascinating to learn about.

This was just frikkin brilliant in every. They also make no bones about the fact that he is a thief, and not in any Robin Hood sense at all, and no, there is no secret noble quest underneath that.


This book was that, and so much more.

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1) by Scott Lynch

The city of Camorr is loosely based on a medieval Venice, with once charming waterways turned sinister by presence of vicious sharks and the shadow of the criminal underworld. The big barges were probably hauling transplants to some noble’s orchard upriver. I guess it’s always the way one person stands out as extraordinary that makes heads turn mentiraw way, and emotions ebb and flow.

The setting itself, mixed with elements of fantasy is really gorgeous and breathtaking.


His main quality and doom is his devotion to his friends. But the language in my books is as mentiras de locke mentjras genteel and tame. I actually planned this for quite a while.

Menturas mentiras de Locke Lamora. And yes, they are twins, which makes it even better somehow. Gentleman Bastard 7 books. I thought it was freaking awesome and there was some sadness damn it! Despite his age, he’s as fiery, fierce and brave as ten grown men, if not more. That sounds like fun. He is extremely good at differentiating between the many different characters voices.

Don’t get me wrong, Locke Lamora is not a good guy in anyway. View all 27 comments.