Athanasius Schneider, O.R.C. is a Kazakhstani Roman Catholic bishop, the auxiliary bishop of .. Dominus Est, it is the Lord: Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion [Dominus est, riflessioni di un vescovo dell’ Asia Centrale. Buy Dominus Est: It is the Lord! by Athanasius Schneider (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Nearly ten years ago an unknown auxiliary bishop from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, the Most Reverend Athanasius Schneider, wrote a brief treatise on the.

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In the Eastern rites, only the non-consecrated bread is distributed on the hand, the so called antidoron.

Hidden Love, I adore You. Yet, whatever the reasons put forth to sustain this practice, we cannot ignore what happens at the practical level when this method is used. Some people, to justify Communion-in-the-hand, cite the words of Jesus: A commonplace gesture has no pedagogical effect that domunus help increase the sense of the sacred.

However, those who communicate while standing must first make a gesture of reverence, that is, of adoration. Already from childhood, she desired to dedicate her life to God. In those instances, it was prescribed that the faithful would not receive the wine kneeling but standing.

For this action, it is not enough to have instruction or education; no, initiation is needed, which at root is nothing but the performance of the act.

The first time that the faithful gathered together in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, Maria said to them: Cardinal Schneider has an inheritance to deeply love the Eucharist, thanks to his grandmother, aunt and mother. Preview — Dominus Est by Athanasius Schneider. But this kingdom could not last, because it was founded on lies, on the violation of the schneixer of man, on the denial and even the hatred of God and of His Church.


Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Holy Communion on the tongue « Catholic Insight

He was a Schneifer saint, who could educate Eucharistic women. Those who are unable to kneel must also make an alternate act of reverence. When Communion is given on the hand, not infrequently particles separate from the Host, either falling to the ground or remaining on the palm and fingers of the communicants. His sermons are usually explanations of morality, sin, Purgatory, and Hell.

In the vast villages of eastern Kazakhstan, German Catholics had not seen a priest for already more than twenty years. Maria Schneider promised to act in this way.

Lewis rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Afterwards, she burned the envelope in which the consecrated Host had been kept. Cardinal Ratzinger made the following observation: He responded by saying that there was “no reasonable and plausible cause to doubt the truth content of the document. He was kneeling before the altar. Retrieved August 27, The noted liturgist Joseph Jungmann explains that, with Communion distributed directly into the mouth, various concerns were eliminated: Among so many voices, it is enough to cite the following moving exhortation of St.

Thomas Richardson and Son,p. Furthermore, in large concelebrations, even in Rome, on various occasions one finds the Sacred Species tossed on the ground. Love trampled underfoot, I adore You. He recalls it thus: Immediately after his return to Karaganda from his missionary journey in Kirghistan, in April ofFather Alexij was arrested by the secret police and placed in the concentration camp of Dolinka, near Karaganda.

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He was a prominent figure in the school of Alexandria, which is known for its scholarship and manuscripts of Sacred Scripture. Instead, he had to take the Body of the Lord from the palm of his hand and, with that, place It directly into his mouth; the reason for this was to signify that he was dealing here not with ordinary food but with a heavenly food: No trivia or quizzes yet.

Dominus Est: It Is the Lord: Reflections of a Bishop of Central Asia on Holy Communion

The fact that the priest takes the Body of the Lord himself not only distinguishes him from the laity, but must also impel him to be aware of finding himself before the mysterium tremendum and of acting in the person of Christ.

I knelt down and began to cry. We need the same convictions today to withstand the attacks of a militant secularism, which may not threaten to kill our bodies but which does every bit as much harm to our souls, often because the attacks are far more subtle and thus far more dangerous.

October 19, ; d.