Lucid key to Important Aphids. Preferred Scientific Name; Aulacorthum solani solani. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota; Kingdom: Metazoa; Phylum: Arthropoda. Light infestations of A. solani can severely injure potato foliage. Its feeding causes discoloured spots on tobacco, and heavily infested plants can show large .

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The body length of Aulacorthum solani apterae is 1. Some of these polyphagous species are important crop pests. Seed potatoes are very susceptible to infection at this stage, and so potato stores should be fumigated when migration has finished, ensuring even distribution of smoke.

Genus Aulacorthum

It is a true bug and sucks sap from plants. Vols 1 and 2. Its feeding causes discoloured spots on tobacco, and heavily infested plants can show aulxcorthum necrotic areas, sometimes resulting in the senescence of the entire leaf.

Yellow, flowering weeds and any other host plants within and around the field should also be removed. Unusually for an aphid, Aulacorthum solani can go through the sexual phase on many different plant species – but, in aulacogthum climates, most of their population overwinters as nymphs or apteraeespecially on potato sprouts and on many glasshouse plants and wild species such as foxglove Digitalis. In microcosm experiments inundative augmentation of natural flightless morphs of Adalia bipunctata revealed no differences in consumption behaviour of A.

Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom the map. aulacorfhum


The Aphidoidea, Hemiptera, of Fennoscandia and Denmark. Examples of biological control agents used against A. Immature Aulacorthum palustre have serial cross bands of whitish wax powder around the body see pictures below of fourth instar nymphs aulaclrthum, but these are apparently lost by the adult stage.

The dorsum and antennae have short capitate hairs. February Aulacrthum how and when to remove this template message. Biology, images, analysis, design In the great majority of cases, identifications have been confirmed by microscopic examination of preserved specimens. Continuing to use www. Like most websites we use cookies. If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use.

Although it does not appear to have been used commercially, A. Trottin-Caudal and Millot have developed an integrated pest control programme for tomatoes as a protected crop glass and plastic houses.

Rasocha describes carbamates and pyrethroids aulacoorthum for aphid control. It is known to be a major insect pest on tomatopepperstobaccowulacorthumcarrotstulip bulbscucurbits and legumes.

Aphicides can greatly reduce Potato leafroll virus PLRV spread within a field, but they cannot control infections from outside by migrating aphids. Datasheet Aulacorthum solani solani.

Aulacorthum solani solani

Aulacorthum solani is extremely polyphagousit will colonise plants in may different dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous families. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Identification requests David Fenwick, 22 MarchLipaphis Not nice weather today but it improved here and it got to 10C again, aulacorhum enough for what looks like Lipaphis erysimi on Thale Cress, Arabidopsis thaliana. The systemic insecticide imidacloprid was used to control aphid vectors of Soybean dwarf virus in Japan Honda et al.


It has one of the broadest host ranges of any aphid in the aulscorthum, where they both hosts on dicots and monocots. Their siphunculi are rather long, nearly cylindrical, with a very marked apical flangeand a few rows of flat hexagonal cells under the flange.

Seed production areas ideally should be completely separated from commercial potato production.

Aulacorthum solani can also be a vector of about 40 plant viruses, but its relatively poor solnai transmission efficiency makes it unimportant as a virus vector in the field. Within a potato growing area, to reduce dissemination of viruses through viruliferous aphids, seed potato fields should be located upwind from commercial potato fields and alternative host crops. Genus Aulacorthum Aulacorthum aphids On this page: Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

The images below are of Aulacorthum solani apterae in alcohol.

Species Aulacorthum solani – Foxglove Aphid –

As a result, Aulacorthum solani is often one of the first aphid species to find aulacorthuk young plants in the spring. Their siphunculi are pale with dark tips, long, slender, tapered and distinctly flanged. In the persistent transmission of viruses, the incubation period is long enough to allow aphicides to control vectors.

The antennal tubercles are well developed with near parallel steep-sided inner face cf.

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