Battle Cry has ratings and reviews. Matthew said: This book is for the Marine Corps what Tales of the South Pacific was for the Navy: a great. Battle Cry is the riveting Marine epic by the bestselling author of such classics as Trinity and ExodusOriginally published in , Leon Uris’s Battle Cry is the. It’s terrific: Perhaps there is less searching for the beast in man than in The Naked and the Dead, less uncovering of basic disillusions than in.

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It was a worldwide best-seller, translated into a dozen languages, and was made into a feature film instarring Paul Newman, directed by Otto Preminger, as well as into a short-lived Broadway musical 12 previews, 19 performances in The boys of the 6th Marines lived and loved hard because each to a man knew that the “Whores” were not promised tomorrow.

Classic war story; so revered and respected it was often issued to cadets in military training schools and ROTC programs.

Others say that Uris, motivated by an intense interest in Israel, financed cfy own research for the novel by selling the film rights in advance to MGM and writing articles about the Sinai campaign. More Crying Than Battling. Regardless it was a great walk down memory lane enjoying this title again.

Granted, I bought into the Esprit de Corps from a very young age, but Uris is a good writer and even my wife read and liked it I made her when we were dating.

Why, you’ve had them do everything but wipe your ass. I like the way This book is a personal favorite of mine.

The men come from vastly different backgrounds and grow into a coherent unit. Aug 31, Mr. Be the first to discover new talent! The IMDb ratings shown for this film highlight the different values taken by men and women.


Five minutes in and “Mac” is introducing us to as lazily-written a gang of stereotypes ever seen outside of a satire, some of them a bit racist to boot.

Van Heflin as Major Huxley, the commanding officer, gives the standout performance in this film, providing the right combination of toughness and compassion as the professional given the job of moulding boys into marines.

Views Read Edit View history. Drawing on his experiences in Guadalcanal and Tarawa he produced the best-selling, Battle Cry, a novel depicting the toughness and courage of U.

The remaining minutes are mostly taken up with the romances of the men. The scenery is great and the fighting sanitized. I do think the plot structure trends repetitive. Thank you for rating this Product. It is likely that this little gem was mistakenly overlooked in the editing room. I just love it.

The title of Raoul Walsh’s film would indicate batte high level of visual war action, but the action in this film is more like a television soap: It’s got humor, guts, glory, and heart break.

He is an expert.

Battle Cry by Leon Uris

They are a rough—and—ready tangle of guys from America’s citi Battle Cry is the riveting Marine epic by the bestselling author of such classics as Trinity and Exodus. And certainly the romance would have been a part of a marines life in those days. The movie concentrated as much on the encounters in the bedroom as on the battlefield, split evenly between the women the boys leave behind and uuris ones they find on their way to war with Nancy Olsen giving the strongest performance as the New Zealand widow who iris in love with Aldo Ray’s character.


One other reviewer said he was superpatriotic and a crazy man for wanting a combat assignment in the film. Not a perfect movie, but in my opinion, a good one.

Those are just the monotonous low-lights of daily life behind-the lines. The badness of the Battle Cry script announces itself from the very first line.

Battle Cry

He says he didn’t see any action, but I don’t believe him. Nov 20, Kathy Clark marked it as to-read. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. But after being asked to accept a roll call of army stereotypes in the first place, the audience are then made to twiddle their thumbs waiting for something of interest to lurch from the screen.

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This is why you hear combat veterans say things such as, “All the rest is gravy,” because even the long, endless days and nights of soul-numbing monotony of barracks and drill and K. They fall in love with women of varying types, stumble over obstacles, and sometimes they make it and sometimes they don’t. It has some corny characters, the good-hearted whore, the rough lumberjack who turns out to be tender, the grizzled old first sergeant, etc.

Oh yes, Battle Cry is in Technicolor, Cinemascope and has a few more explosions.