Part 5 – The Blackest Night Checklist In this 3-issue miniseries, writers Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) reveal. BLACKEST NIGHT: TALES OF THE CORPS #3 It depends on what you’re considering as part of a complete BLACKEST NIGHT checklist. Blackest Night Checklist Pt 2 Green Lantern Vol. Why is it that the current BN Tie-ins or whatever have 3 parts but after those Flash, WW, ect.

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Black Lantern Titans are descending together onto Titans Island!

I hope I’m making sense. Not sure if it should be covered by a spoiler so I’ll just post a link to it on the DC site and you can make your own decision.

Send a private message to Mister Ed. These issues will each ship with two covers. Your going to scare everyone off!! Anything that could remotely be related to his run checkllst GL. Continuing the 3-issue miniseries from writer J. Complete nigyt night checklist. User Name Remember Me? Whats with Titans 15 and Solomon Grundy? Why are they rising? Here is what I have so far. Lot more to come it seems But it also stars the rest of the DC Universe.

Oh wow you went all out Batman, Superman, and Titans all conclude in October.

chdcklist It seems like some fans on here are looking for some kind of gold nugget, like Blackest Night: And blaciest checking the main site for plenty of Blackest Night updates throughout the summer and into West Find More Posts by W. Blackest Night Checklist Pt 2. As currently scheduled, Blackest Night will run through February This issue will ship with two covers. Find More Posts by Joshua Pantalleresco. Plus, Superman’s dead bride returns as a Black Lantern!


It seems like a lot of material. Throughout the decades, death has plagued the DC Universe and taken the lives of heroes and villains alike. How about a new thread with only the actual Blackest Night tie ins, as oppossed to everything GL related? Will the Titans be prepared to fight off their deceased allies? That’s cool I hope Blackest Night has some more cool tie-ins though like the revived titles. That’s why the GL issues of Brave and the bold and Trinity aren’t in there as they were self contained appearances that had no pat on the character IIRC?

Visit Andrew NDB’s homepage! Dark Places Granite Falls Highlander: Find More Posts by Briareos. Maybe something interesting is coming.

Blackest Night Figures | eBay

That said, we don’t see any reason why casual readers need run out and purchase every single tie-in. For months, Mongul has wrested control of the Sinestro Corps. And that’s just the first half. Find More Posts by Orion Pax.

Blackest Night Figures

Black Lantern Hawk has his talons set for the female Hawk and Dove! Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardener and John Stewart resort to their most brutal fighting yet as the Blackest Night threatens to envelop Sector Zero and send the universe reeling into chaos! Find More Posts by myuserid. For instance, this mini-series will be the first to truly explore the Indigo Lanterns as they make their long-awaited appearance in the War of Light.

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The same goes for BN: Originally Posted by Colonel Xonic lolz is he supposed to be supergirl or batman? Find More Posts by Marvelous Iggy. Just when things couldn’t look any darker after the death and chaos of the Sciencell riot, Blackest Night descends on Oa! The Black Lanterns descend on all the Corps throughout blackset universe! Find More Posts by deejaytee.

That’s why I don’t blackewt like DC all that much at cjecklist moment too many books intertwine and it’s hard to keep track of what you need to read to enjoy a storyline.

Continued from Page blcakest. Originally Posted by Colonel Xonic. Find out in this new installment of the 3-issue miniseries from writer Peter J.