Zhuyin is also called “bo-po-mo-fo”, which represents the sounds of the first four phonetic symbols of this system. This chart contains the 37 phonetic Zhuyin. Details of Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo, the phonetic script used to show the pronunciation of Chinese characters in Download this chart in Word or PDF format. There is a straight one-to-one correspondence between ZhuYin (BoPoMoFo) and PinYin (Chinese Romanization), with the few exceptions listed at the end of.

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Thus, a child, if they were interested in Chinese Tang poetry, could read and potentially understand this subject matter.

The Zhuyin Phonetic System (chart below)

I have about half of my lessons via Skype because my tutor lives far enough away that driving to her home every week is a problem. Okay, you might be thinking. Is there an app you recommend that a child can use to learn zhuyin?

Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

However, Chinese is NOT a phonetic language. My tutor exclusively gives me pronunciations using bopomofo during my online lessons now, too. Boomofo can finally learn to use it! On paper, copy the Zhuyin chart a few times. Scripts with ISO four-letter codes Writing systems Mandarin words and phrases Auxiliary and educational artificial scripts Ruby characters Chinese scripts Transcription of Chinese Han character input Scripts encoded in Unicode 1.

Zhuyin, on the other hand, can be learned at the same pace as Chinese pronunciation; both take a couple weeks to master, and can be done at the same time. CE Old Hungarian c.

I have never been swayed by the phonics argument. They already speak and understand Chinese just like an American kid already speaks and understands English. My sister on the other hand has retained her BPMF and read our kids a little chartt the other day. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also, I made a converter long ago so you can see what how zhuyin was converted into hcart 50 some years ago. My tutor and I made an easy to read bopomofo chart that I think you will […] Reply.


They live in China. I was shamed into silence. Or you might never need it…. They do an equally good job with Mandarin phonics. Vhart is hard enough as it is — no need to add more bopomkfo guilt and shame and blame. CE Coptic 3 c. In chhart Mandarin, Taiwan institutions and some overseas communities use Zhuyin as a learning tool.

November 23, at 1: Thanks for the shout out, John. Zhuyin can be used as an input method for Chinese characters.

Use the click-able chart if you have to, but otherwise try to do as much as you can from memory. When she often lapsed into using the bopomofo phonetic representation that she had learned in grade school in Taiwan, I noticed it seemed to flip a switch in my brain.

Hakka Transliteration Scheme Hagfa Pinyim. However, it is just an extra tool actually, an extra 37 tools the kids can use to help with recognizing Chinese characters — and as we have already established, Chinese is a difficult language to read and our kids need all the help they can cahrt.

Zhuyin remains the predominant phonetic system in teaching reading and writing in elementary school in Taiwan. As shown in the following table, tone marks for the second, third, and fourth tones are shared between bopomofo and pinyin.

Of course not ALL of it requires re-mapping and you are absolutely right about the sounds that do change in Taiwan.

Today’s Quest

Bopomofo stroke order http: Chinese has several sounds that are not in English, and many that are slightly different. In your smartphone keyboard settings, get rid of Pinyin input and only use Zhuyin to type. For English readers, this is not really a problem because once children learn phonics, they can pretty much read anything as long as they can blend the sounds.


Our textbooks were from Mainland China, so we learned simplified characters, with Pinyin transliterations that our books would phase out after a while.

Bopomofo – Wikipedia

Used to transcribe the pronunciation of Mandarin, Taiwanese and some of the Aboriginal languages of Taiwan, and also as a way to type Chinese on computers and mobile phones.

I got a lot out of kids books. October 22, at 4: The last renaming addressed fears that the alphabetic system might independently replace Chinese characters. However, now near the age of 40, she was coming back to the language, practicing reading newspapers, and living in Taiwan. At first, she was apologetic, trying to force herself to write in pinyin, but since I had noticed the advantages, I told her to just use the bopomofo. She already had an ear and eye for Chinese. Most Mandarin Immersion elementary schools expect their kids to graduate at 5th grade with about characters.

Putian dialect Hinghwa Romanised. Books about Chinese characters and calligraphy Mandarin, Shanghainese, Hokkien, Taiwanese and Cantonese language learning materials.

If they cannot already read English, this will introduce these concepts and make learning to read English easier. Or chhart might never need it… Reply. And here is another Chinese learning article from another blog that comes to the same conclusion I did about how useful bopomofo can be to learning.

Here is one comparison of Zhuyin to English.

At the end of the day, knowing zhuyin will not hurt your chinese learning, and it might help it possibly a lot.