Brainlab Navigation enhances visualization with a wide variety of image registration options. Consult Brainlab’s entire Curve catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ Brainlab has launched the Curve, a command and control center for image- guided surgery. The device uses dual tracking cameras and two.

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Curve Image Guided Surgery is packed with small features that add brainlzb to big performance. Registration is performed manually by acquiring a set of points with the pointer on bone surface.

Brainlab Curve Surgical Navigation Wins Coveted Red Dot Award | Imaging Technology News

For additional soft tissue information, for instance in tumor treatment, Fusion brings full preoperative MR information together with a registered CT scan.

The Future is Here. Digital Radiography Technology Report: Cameras with motorized adjustment, telescopic stand, laser pointer for unbelievable setup flexibility. Videos Artificial Cruve December 18, Simultaneous navigation in CT and MR images Additional soft tissue information Ideal method for spine tumor treatment. Do you want to visit our website in another language?

CT-Fluoro Brainoab allows for the registration of preoperative CT scans with two conventional C-arm images and a patented handheld registration device. Surface Matching is a fast registration method based on braimlab preoperative CT scan designed for open surgeries. With Brainlab Spine and Trauma Navigation, registration of conventional 2D images can be performed easily by acquiring two fluoroscopic shots with a patented handheld registration device.


Universal Automatic Image Registration AIR is the fundamental technology for seamless integration of intraoperative CT, rotational angiograph, and cone-beam CT images with image guided surgery.

Image-Guided Surgery Platforms

With 5, systems installed in over 80 countries, Brainlab is a market leader in image-guided technology. Feature by benefit, Curve inspired the experts and received the globally sought after red dot brainlba product design. Flexible Surgical Setup Surgeons and O. News Medical 3-D Printing December 14, By using our website, you agree to such tracking and usage. Among the core products are image-guided systems that provide highly accurate real-time information used for navigation during surgical procedures.

Brainlab Launches Newest Innovation in Image-Guided Surgery Technology

Multiple data ports in the easy to access hub allow surgeons to seamlessly connect to intra-operative imaging and surgical scopes, session-share by connecting with a Digital LightBox, stream to a remote workstation, transfer patient data via PACS, and upload and share in the cloud with Quentry.

An auto-correcting algorithm matches the acquired points with the preoperative CT scan in seconds. Videos Artificial Intelligence December 21, Fluoro 3D Registration allows intraoperative integration of 3D C-arms for spine and trauma procedures allowing real-time navigation of intraoperative datasets—ideal for less-invasive and complex surgeries.

Human-factor design hub connects Curve to the outside world and rapidly integrates third party surgical devices. Curve Image Guided Surgery challenges conventional navigation utility.

Deseja visitar nosso site em outro idioma? Do you want to visit our website in another language? Curve Software Curve in 20 seconds. Curve’s advanced surgical navigation system for the brain and cruve features the latest image guidance software powering advanced 3-D displays. This utility has been further expanded to serve as a computer terminal for physicians to more effectively access and interpret diagnostic scans and other digital medical information for better-informed decisions.


From July 3 — 29,red dot again invites the world to visit the traditional special exhibition of the award winning products.

Minimally-invasive, automatic registration of 3D C-arm scans Real-time navigation of branlab 3D scans Dedicated 3D navigation application for navigated spine and trauma surgery Compatible with all common 3D C-arms. In this way, visitors experience live the prizewinning design of Curve by Brainlab, on display in the breath-taking atmosphere of the one-time boiler house of the Zeche Zollverein, a former coalmine.

The motorized telescopic camera height adjustment spans from as low as 67 cm We use cookies to analyze the views of our website and to personalize advertising. Curve features the latest image guidance software powering advanced 3D displays and hallmark Brainlab image brainla. By using our website, you agree to such tracking and usage. Aimeriez-vous visiter notre site Web dans une autre langue?

Dual-option, beyond HD provide more space to display and efficiently organize information. Brainlab develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology that supports targeted, less-invasive treatment.