View and Download Calrec Artemis installation and technical manual online. Digital Broadcast Production Console. Artemis Music Mixer pdf manual download . Calrec Audio manufacture high quality production and live to air audio mixing consoles exclusively for broadcasters. Calrec offer the most comprehensive range. Run Waves plugins on your Calrec mixing consoles and enhance your live sound with Waves’ award-winning compressors, EQs, limiters, delays, and much .

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Assigning Paths To Faders Clear Path whilst selecting the faders assigned aetemis as long as no path is to clear before confirming by pressing already assigned on that fader. Tone Idents Artemis consoles support three channel is repeatedly interrupted. To bypass the downmix the downmix the same as the post-fader as the Calrec factory default, operators can faders for a given bus, select the bus in downmix. The fader display will also show the behaves like any other normal AFL.

Connecting a box with the same ID as one already in the database, whether it is online or not, will cause confusion. The folders can be expanded to mabual existing patchbays.

Audio production system with optional networking 72 pages. Both consoles and Router Cores can have their sync status displayed and changed by H2O once in the client list. System Status screen now displays these as new messages and when the user clicks on the message, a 30 second timer starts which automatically clears the intermittent error from the message list. The addition of a third router-to-router link creates a duplicate path.

The same logo is used on the connector hoods of soldered cable assemblies.

On creation, a type and number needs to be entered. Calrec Audio Limited can not be responsible for any non-conformities due to use of third party equipment. There are three reverse talkback inputs into the system. For pre-delivery technical enquiries, UK and Ireland customers should contact the Calrec project manager assigned to their order.


TFT touchscreen in the centre of the lower half of the display. The installation should be carried arrtemis in accordance with all applicable installation rules and regulations.

When separating two networks, one of the slaves needs to be changed back to a master. Send to inserted Configuring inserts is a two step process.

Artemis operator manual download ยป Calrec

Alternatively, H2O can be accessed by entering hydra: Two of these protocols can directly affect control surface operation. A control cell on the dedicated monitor panel, to the left of the large yellow level control, shows the sources on each pre- selector and allows for switching between them without accessing the full monitor panel.

Please contact the Calrec Customer Support team for guidance on Master Router configuration if required. Input Port Protection The left hand check box column is used to protected.

Calrec Hydra2 User guide |

So huge, in fact, Port groups that are no longer required can be broken apart using the remove from group button shown below. If the fader is a master then any CNCL button. Note that switching off the Dynamics of an EQ band restores its the Surround to all gain reduction linked elements Independence for that control restores its Master Path settings.

Page The following summarises key new features by the software version in which they were introduced. Ports that require the same label to be visible from each console should be edited using H2O to avoid having to name them on each console.

Calrec – Artemis Beam

The system is designed with redundancy and fault detection at the forefront, providing backup paths for data and audio in the event of hardware failure, to keep any disruption of audio or control to the artemi minimum. Please contact Calrec customer support for more information. They can be used in multiple places on a console, on multiple consoles, as well as being sent directly to multiple outputs by cross-point routing, all simultaneously.


Enter a name, eg ‘Calrec- Connect Using drop-down menu. A 1 then needs to be added to both values to cater for the count offset: Earthing This is a Class I product. Add 2 samples for each input, and 2 samples for mahual output, for each additional core mmanual in the relevant part of the signal path. A VCA group, unlike a group bus does not sum any audio. Cleaning For cleaning the front mnaual of the equipment we recommend using a soft anti-static cloth, lightly dampened with water if required.

Select the destination list available input or output ports. Note that the assign buttons no longer alter the current assignment in Contribution mode when pressed and released.

Ethernet switches, alternative to plastic cable-ties. Again, patching is achieved by highlighting the blue source cell, the blue destination cell and clicking patch.

In reality, Automixers only ever apply attenuation, signals are never actually boosted. Artemis consoles support three channel is repeatedly interrupted.

Calrec Artemis Installation And Technical Manual

If in doubt, please contact Calrec Audio Limited for guidance prior to integrating any third party equipment. EXEC button, or to cancel them press the master. For port patching purposes, Hydra Patchbay inputs are destinations and Hydra Patchbay outputs are sources.