05/ Twido. Programmable Controllers. Modular and Compact Bases. Hardware Guide. 05/ Twido. Programmable controller. Your peace of mind. Catalogue. October. Courtesy of Steven Engineering, Inc. ○ Ryan Way, South San Francisco, CA . Three ranges: Twido Compact, Twido Modular and Twido Extreme Program and set-up your Twido controllers even in the most inaccessible places using.

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At the PC end, the TwidoSuite software will associate a special modem connection that will be memorized in the project including the telephone number to use. Relay monitored parameters Characteristics multifunction voltage control relay RMU – range To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Phaseo power supplies Modular, Optimum and universal ranges To save costs, the S is increasingly being employed in areas that previously required special electronics.

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Clear guidelines are given on selecting the upstream protection devices which are often used with them, and thus a comprehensive solution is provided that can be used in total safety.

The output channels may be More information. A screw terminal block for connection of the a V mains or c V supply. The Modular range twiod Phaseo power supplies can be connected in phase-to-neutral N- or in phase-to-phase. The nominal ambient temperature for the Optimum range of Phaseo power supplies is 50 C. gwido

Twido Programmable controller catalogue EN | Schneider Electric

Large-scale integration, space-saving, powerful. Area of the conductors output Description: Schneider Electric Printed by: Its primary aim is to reduce project development time signifi cantly by simplifying all necessary interventions.

Two pushbuttons PB and PB for controlling the status of the slaves by selecting their address and changing the mode.

The macro s code call line is compiled by the TwidoSuite software by calling a subroutine. The master waits for the reply to be returned by the slave polled. This function can also be used for applications with light or sound intensity control dimmer or volume control function. It consists of connecting cables and interface sub-bases. C for operation with cable flexing, C for non-flexing operation or storage. The protection device resets itself automatically on elimination of the fault, which avoids having to take any catalogje or change a fuse.


The module with interface adapter or the digital display module is mounted on the left-hand side of Twido modular base controllers only one module can be fitted. The table below shows product combination possibilities according to their conformity class.

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The inclusion of overload and short-circuit protection makes downstream protection unnecessary if discrimination is vatalogue required.

GJR October Colour leaves: Animation tables display the memory objects in a user-friendly way.

The new generation of advanced test equipments for Relays, Energy meters, Transducers and Power quality meters Testing all relay technologies: The outgoing terminal block is used to connect the AS-Interface cable separately to the interface modules and master modules.

Program modifi cations can therefore be made directly in the Twido controller.

These single-phase, electronic, switch mode power supplies guarantee the quality of the output current, in accordance with the electrical characteristics and twidi to standard EN ASI ABB00p Operating on a 00 to 40 V a supply, this power supply delivers a voltage of 0 V c. Technical assistance wherever you are b Our technicians are at your disposal to assist you in finding the optimum solution for your particular needs.

Acts on room twidoo control More information. Non flame propagating IEC These modules can be either sink or source. From the very first screen, TwidoAdjust software offers the possibility of displaying essential controller data, such as its reference, its status, the name of the application and version of its microprogram.

The workspace has been streamlined so that only that which is necessary and relevant to the current task is featured, without any superfl uous information. The Twido Extreme controller is compatible with application programs for Twido Compact and Modular bases.


The basic functions are permanently accessible for quick and twidi navigation and access to information. The fast counters can compare the current counter value with a preset value and trigger an output when the preset value is reached. These base controllers use: If a slave has more than one PDO, the maximum number of slaves is reduced by an equivalent number.

A nominal A at 8. The environment ensures nothing is overlooked, by suggesting the tasks to be performed throughout the project development cycle. Series or parallel connection is only recommended for products with identical references. Sold in lots of 5 TWD XMT5 When analogue and discrete modules are connected simultaneously to a system, the analogue modules use addresses to in bank A.

There are three types of confi guration: Analogue output modules are used to control the preactuators in devices such twidk variable speed drives, valves and applications that require process control. Inductive load fitted with a protection device such as an RC peak limiter or flywheel diode. Inductive with protection e. If connected to 0 V, the communication parameters are those configured by the TwidoSuite software. One or more Directives, as appropriate, may apply to our products, in particular: Maximum Demand Control There are three terms that appear on the majority of twidi company bills: Above this temperature, derating is necessary up to a maximum temperature of 60 C.

For standard environmentse marking: Restarting is only possible after deliberate acknowledgement of the fault.