Thus it is no surprise that every stirring in the field of theology also has repercussions in that of catechesis. In this period immediately after the Council, the. Magisterial Documents: Catechesi Tradendae. Apostolic Exhortation on Catechesis in Our Time Pope John Paul II 16 October The full document is . Perhaps no other papal document more eloquently articulates the importance of catechesis in our time — and how to undertake it — than Catechesi Tradendae.

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In the understanding expounded here, catechesis keeps the entirely pastoral perspective with which the synod viewed it. Again, many pre-adolescents and adolescents who have been baptized and been given a systematic catechesis and the sacraments still remain hesitant for a long time about committing their whole lives to Jesus Christ – if, moreover, they do not attempt to avoid religious education in the name of their freedom.

And He gave them the Spirit to fulfill catecbesi mission. Cagechesi is, according to this great evangelizer, this role model for catechists everywhere, the primary goal of catechesis?

But the term “catechists” belongs above all to the catechists in mission lands. It is an initial catechesis but not a fragmentary one, since it will have to reveal, although in an elementary way, all the principal mysteries of faith and their tradenae on the child’s moral and religious life.

AAS 71pp.

Magisterial Documents: Catechesi Tradendae : University of Dayton, Ohio

It is the witness that He gives of Himself: Pope John Paul II stated that the General Catechetical Directory of was to remain the norm for catechesis, and specialists were to be called upon to define the various meanings and branches of catechesis. The exhortation is addressed to the bishops, clergy and faithful of the whole Church.

For example, it is certain that many vocations to the priesthood and religious life have their origin during a well-imparted catechesis in infancy and adolescence. Besides, integrity does not dispense from balance and from the organic hierarchical character through which the truths to be taught, the norms to be transmitted, and the ways catedhesi Christian life to be indicated will be given the proper importance due to each.

Cahechesi had been the case at the evangelization synod, the bishops requested that a magisterial document be written in summary of the deliberations. It is important for the Church to give proof today, as she has done at other periods of her history, of evangelical wisdom, courage and fidelity in seeking out and putting into operation new methods and new prospects for catechetical instruction.

It is concerned with the ultimate meaning tradeendae life tradendad it illumines the whole of life with the light of the Gospel, to inspire it or to question it.

7 things I learnt from Catechesi Tradendae by JP2

For all the more reason one must avoid presenting as certain things which are not. For your part, priests, here you have a field in which you are the immediate assistants of your Bishops. And why should we appeal to non-Christian or even anti-Christian elements refusing to build on elements which, even if they need to be revised or improved, have something Christian at their root?


These groups are a source of great hope for the Church of tomorrow. Certain contemporary philosophical schools, which seem to be exercising a strong influence on some theological currents and, through them, on pastoral practice, like to emphasize that the fundamental human attitude is that of seeking the infinite, a seeking that never attains its object. In theology, this view of things will state very categorically that faith is not certainty but questioning, not clarity but a leap in the dark.

In the Family Nevertheless, the Gospels clearly relate occasions when Jesus “taught. AAS 64pp. Through his gestures, his preaching, his authoritative interpretation of the Second Vatican Council considered by him the great catechism of modern timesand through the whole of his life, my venerated predecessor Paul VI served the Church’s catechesis in a particularly exemplary fashion.

The one message – the Good News of salvation – that has been heard once or hundreds of times and has been accepted with the heart, is in catechesis probed unceasingly by reflection and systematic study, by awareness of its repercussions on one’s personal life – an awareness calling for ever greater commitment – and by inserting it into an organic and harmonious whole, namely, Christian living in society and the world.

On another level, parents have a unique responsibility. The Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi of December 8,on evangelization in the modern world, rightly stressed that evangelization – which has the aim of bringing the Good News to the whole of humanity, so that all may live by it – is a rich, complex and dynamic reality, cateechesi up of elements, or one could say moments, that are essential and different from each other, and that must all be kept in view simultaneously.

This catechesis is didactic in character, but is directed towards the giving of witness in the faith. L’ Catchesi RomanoEnglish Edition. Priests and religious have in catechesis a pre-eminent field for their apostolate. That is how it was considered by the fathers of the fourth general assembly of the synod, tradendxe they also drew attention to the conditions necessary for that variety to be useful and not harmful to the unity of the teaching of the one Faith.

Obviously this connection is profound and vital for those who understand the irreplaceable mission of theology in the service of Faith. In fact, even in places where objective difficulties exist, it should be possible to arrange school timetables in such a way as to enable the Catholics to deepen their faith and religious experience, with qualified teachers, whether priests or lay people. They also have a duty to make them understand that, although God’s call to serve Him in spirit and truth, in accordance with the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church, does not apply constraint, it is nevertheless binding in conscience.

This special character has been rightly stressed by the Church, particularly by the Second Vatican Council. John Paul II, Pope. Then there are the traditional missions, often too hastily dropped but irreplaceable for the xatechesi and vigorous renewal of Christian life – they should be revived and brought up to date. Accordingly, I give encouragement catechwsi the priests, religious and lay people who are devoting themselves to sustaining these pupils’ faith.


For this purpose, catechesis will seek to know these cultures and their essential components; it will learn their most significant expressions; it will respect their particular values and riches. Synodus Episcoporum, De xatechesi hoc nostro tempore tradenda praesertim pueris atque iuvenibus, Ad Populum Dei Nuntitus, 1: Furthermore, in places where anti- religious legislation endeavors even to prevent education in the faith, and in places where widespread unbelief or invasive secularism makes real religious growth practically impossible, “the church of the home” remains the one place where children and young people can receive an authentic catechesis.

In the Parish It is to seek to understand the meaning of Christ’s actions and words and of the signs worked by Him, for they simultaneously hide and reveal His mystery. Catechesis is fatechesi for adults of every age, including the elderly-persons who deserve particular attention in view of their experience and their problems – no less than for children, adolescents and the young.

This is a document of inestimable value, and every catechist should read it prayerfully. Paul was in a pre-eminent way the herald of this preaching, from Antioch to Rome, where the last picture of him that we have in Acts is that of a person “teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ quite openly. The fact that these truths about the main questions of faith and Christian living are thus repeated within a family setting impregnated with love and respect will often make it possible to influence the children in a decisive way for life.

But it must be humbly and honestly recognized that this rich flowering has brought with it articles and publications which are ambiguous and harmful to young people and to the life of the Church. In addition, there are other children who have not been baptized and whose parents agree only at a later date to religious education: It is frequently used in the mosaics of Romano-Byzantine art of the third and fourth centuries. It is useless to play off orthopraxis against orthodoxy: Firm and well-thought – out convictions lead to courageous and upright action, the endeavor to educate the faithful to live as disciples of Christ today calls for and facilitates a discovery in depth of the mystery of Christ in the history of salvation.

To invoke this Spirit constantly, to be in communion with Him, to endeavor to know His authentic inspirations must be the attitude of the teaching Church and of every catechist. Ignatius of Antioch takes up this affirmation and comments as follows: Among the many prestigious sciences of man that are nowadays making immense advances, pedagogy is certainly one of the most important.

He set up the International Council for Catechesis in