Lair of the Lion is a paranormal/romance written by American author Christine Feehan. Unlike most for her other works, this novel is not part of an ongoing series. The Beast Rumor said the powerful Nicolai DeMarco could command the heavens, that the beasts below did his bidding and that he was doomed to. Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history.

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Shouldn’t this guy be as inexperienced as the virginal heroine is when it comes to sex, given the fact that all the other women are so afraid of him? It is for your own safety.

Lair of the Lion – Wikipedia

Strange sounds to go with her strange dreams. Her fingers tightened into fists around the reins. Isabella turned over, peering through the darkness to the shadowy figure seated on her bed. View all 4 comments.

She felt it then, oddly disoriented, as if the earth shimmered and twisted, as if something better left alone awakened with her entrance into the valley. The curse that plagues Lair of the Lion is a fascinating paranormal romance rerelease by Christine Feehan.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. She could feel the weight of his eyes, the burn of christie eyes on her exposed skin.

I think she did a great job of establishing the scene: Isabella tried to force her body to move, but it was impossible. She turned her head toward Francesca. I’ll love you with everything in me. She heard the chink of the horse’s hooves as it fehan for purchase, felt the great muscles bunching under her as the animal lino to stay on its feet amidst the rolling rocks.


The plot and the style of writing just weren’t up to laid preference. Her friendship with Francesca, and her first forays into the palace are what makes the reader root for this match. You must not leave your room at night. Armies attempting to march into his holdings had been buried by snow or rockslides. Ratings and Reviews 2 57 star ratings 2 reviews.

Or that’s what we’re supposed to believe. Isabella clutched the robe to her, staring in frozen horror at her closed door. She felt exposed, vulnerable, but as hard as she ffehan, she could not manage to rouse herself. I think too much time is built on going into the mystery and the dark forces out to get the heroine. None of it going anywhere or advancing the plot. That is too perfect!

Books with missing cover. Shivering, teeth chattering, she urged the horse along the narrow, winding trail. Oh don’t get me wrongthis was not a bad read.

Taking a deep breath, she reached inside, careful not to cut her flesh on the sharpened spikes. Her eyelids drooped no matter how hard she tried to keep her eyes open. Want to Read Lwir Reading Read.

You are shivering with cold. Aug 13, Sheila rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He was tall, broad shouldered, with long hair and slashing eyes.

Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan – FictionDB

Descriptions of Isabella’s goodness and beauty seem to be written on every other page. The storm was growing in a kind of frenzy, sheets of ice slamming to earth so that the large white crystals covered the ground almost immediately.


Lf was within the walls of the castello. The castello preyed on the senses, the artwork rich, the structure impressive, yet fehan was a trap for the unwary. It was and always has been a very good story and I enjoyed this version of it immensely. It echoed throughout the vast castelloreached to the highest vaulted ceiling and below ground, deep within the hidden dungeons and caverns the castello guarded.

One moment the hands seemed to be great paws with razor sharp nails and the next, human hands. June 22, Imprint: His lands were enormous, his holdings vast.

I think my problem is, I really don’t care for gothic romance, in general. A portent of danger. Oct 28, CC rated it really liked it Shelves: Weren’t you told to stay away? And well, that’s all I have to say because I didn’t finish reading it. Somewhere along these lines I was merely feehan, as good breeding commands,” “Really,” His voice low, one eyebrow shooting up.

I loved that Isabella was such a strong female character of her time! The roars she had heard were not wolves, but whatever made the noise sounded dreadful, hungry and doubtless had very sharp teeth.

Lair of the Lion

Oct 29, Renee Rearden rated it really liked it. Trivia About Lair of the Lion. Isabella swung her gaze wildly around the room, searching out every corner, trying desperately to pierce the darkness.

The ending was so underwhelming, all finished in a few pages.

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