Der Herr ist kein Hirte: Wie Religion die Welt vergiftet. Hitchens, Christopher. 76, ratings by Goodreads. ISBN / ISBN Der Herr ist kein Hirte: Wie Religion die Welt vergiftet by Christopher Hitchens at – ISBN – ISBN – Karl. In Der Herr ist kein Hirte erläutert Christopher Hitchens, wie sich der religiöse Glaube seit Beginn der Menschheit bis zum heutigen Tage entwickelt hat und.

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On Christopher Hitchens’s God Is Not Great

But according to Hitchens, religion is to blame in these instances as hrer. As an antitheist, he regarded concepts of a god or supreme being as a totalitarian belief that impedes individual freedom. Carte Paperback — 26 Apr Yet if religious faith is the natural enemy of science, how come so many natural scientists were religious? Carte Paperback — March If religion is hitchdns an evil, why could it motivate so many to great artistic accomplishments?

For Hitchens, this is an atrocity; but for all his outrage, he nearly forgets the point of the story, that in the end Abraham did not kill his son. Dieu n’est pas grand – France. At the same time, there is probably no atheist be it a Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, or Cbristopher atheist hitchenx has never wondered about whether there is more beyond us. The monk Johannes Kepler, the deeply pious Isaac Newton, the monk Gregor Mendel, who discovered laws of heredity when crossing peas in the cloister garden?

In other words, the planets and stars, which in the rest of the Middle East were worshiped as deities, were nothing more than lamps and clocks. Part of Hitchens’ frustration is also to be found in the fact that people are so damn gullible. Uerr Paperback — February Given his evident literary sensibilities, it is difficult to believe him on this point. But was it not precisely the atheists of the twentieth century who persecuted millions? This was an act of enlightenment.


In the end, every believer on the planet would have to concede in a moment of honesty to have felt the tug of doubt.

Carte Paperback — 04 Dec Or even just a question mark. No one doubts that a fundamentalist faith can be bad for society as a whole — since it allows for only one usually pretty ridiculous ‘truth’ — but what of all those Sunday-believers who seem to show some common sense regarding at least some of the issues on which their faith’s stand is too absurd to countenance?

Carte Paperback — 27 Jul His support of the Iraq War separated him further.

The Bible, as Hitchens goes to considerable lengths to point out, is a muddle christophr conflicting stories and lessons and contains a lot of very bad ideas. He aims very wide — showing, from all angles, why religions are preposterous easy pickings, of course — and certainly offers a lot of examples of the horrors done in the name of religion, but it winds up being far less convincing than it should be.

Hitchens was the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of over 30 books, including five collections of essays on culture, politics hitches literature.

The complete review ‘s Review:. Many believers, however, cherry-pick their religions, going along, more or less, with what what they can or find agreeable and ignoring the inconvenient nonsense, and not concerning themselves with all the contradictions such an attitude brings with it.

As for readers who agree with Hitchens, they’ll wonder what the fuss is about as he keeps stating yet more of the obvious. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

No one, not even a schizophrenic, falls neatly into christopger logical parts. My first objection to his thesis that piety poisons everything may seem weak. This might all sound like the book is all wrong and superfluous. Wie Religion die Welt vergiftettrans. Basically Hitchens directs four accusations at religious faith: Carte Paperback — April Carte Hardback — October Even in its foundations most religions are obviously built up on previous ones; so, for example: Unfortunately, in god is not Great Christopher Hitchens can not resist the scatter-shot approach.


Hitchens does have some fun at the contortions religions go through in adjusting to modern reality — such as the convenient Mormon “revelations” that allow for a dsr of course when the old one has become untenable a sleight of hand that one might wish more religions would adopt Join the Telos Press mailing list.

His Chaconne in D minor?

Cărți de Christopher Hitchens

He was the elder brother of the conservative journalist and author Peter Hitchens. This role of religion, in controlling people and accumulating and exercising power, is perhaps its most dangerous consequence; Hitchens does a decent job of showing that, but, as with everything else in the book, he gets drawn away on tangents even as he makes this argument. Don’t miss a single issue. In its wake, man could face creation freely.

Carte Paperback — 24 Nov Hitchens claims that by piling the wood and binding his son, Abraham proved he was familiar with the process, even before he took the knife in his hand to slaughter him like an animal. One sympathises with his sense of outrage, and his frustration. Having long described himself as a democratic socialist, Marxist and an anti-totalitarian, he broke from the political left after what he called the “tepid reaction” of the Western left to the Satanic Verses controversy, followed by the left’s embrace of Bill Clinton and the antiwar movement’s opposition to NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the s.