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Previous Topic Index Next Topic. One exception to this is when the pipe is not continuous from anchor to anchor, such that tension is not present in the pipe wall at aIl locations of the notee. Such pressure design requirements are encompassed in the minimum wall thickness requirements discussed in detail in separate sections of the codes.

Sifs, interpretations,Coade seminar notes and confussion – Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

The engineer first must determine the standard span for the system. The spring must also support the hardware, and if this is not considered when specifying the spring parameters, the piping weight loading will he unbalanced by the weight of the hardware.

The Old Ranger Redesign capability allows the user to do this. In order to save even eeminar brief time required to calculate LaU, the Manufacturer Standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry has calculated allowable piping spans for various semiar configurations, and published them in their standard MSS SP Figure A few of these foIlow: This method will provide the best approximation of the distribution of the piping loads to the vessels.

John is correct that the B Or, examining the formulas above, it is evident that, as the shorter portion of the span b approaches zero length, the moment, and therefore the stress, approach zero as weIl.


The elements are further defmed by a constant non-varying along the element length set of stiffness parameters i. There are a number ofreasons for performing stress analysis on a piping system. The true condition is somewhere in between, so a compromise approximation is reached: Switch to Threaded Mode.

These elements are defined by two node points one at the “from” end, and the other at the “to” endeach with fixed spatial coordinates and six degrees of freedom three translational and three rotational.

The occasional stress equations are: If an earthquake is modeled as having a 0.

A Rotating Equipment Centerline B Figure In the Figurea small, but heavy process monitor and actuator is mounted on the line. Note that in the event that the opening time is not known, a conservative value of 2.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes

The engineer may first support all concentrated loads in the system as closely as possible, reducing the stresses due to those loads to near zero. Occasionally, the manufacturer provides allowable movements only for axial displacements. Cold load design balances the weight loads in the cold, rather than the hot, condition. Ovalization of this type for straight pipes notss not considered.

A typical fabricated tee is shown in Figure The actual installed load case should be run with the cold seminxr in order to determine the installed hanger settings in the presence of cold spring. Corrosion notws a pipe results in an irregular cross-section which is usually modeled by using the uncorroded cross-section for load generation weight and thermal forcesand the fully corroded cross- section for calculation ofthe section modul us COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes stress calculation.

In certain cases, such as with reducers, which have a variable cross-section, this is not a valid representation. Sh is defined notrs the minimum of: This is codified in the requirement that expansion analysis need not be explicitly done for a system meeting the following conditions: This is most commonly interpreted to mean: Category Description 1 1 Everything except the options below 1.


The force is estimated as such: Note the differences between these two codes: This model can only be usedifthe effects examined are limited totwo adjacent support points and the straightrunofpipebetweenthose support points. Earthquake static load cases are set up and determined exactly as they are for wind occasional loads, i. The next concern is the placement of supports on the riser.

Where they can be re-used, new load ranges may he identified for them, and only a readjustment ofthe load flange in the field may be required. Dynamicearthquake analyses, which will be covered in depth later, are not discussed here. Since this is a displacement load, it is a secondary load, and therefore is not considered here. Multiple Load Case Spring Hanger Design – This option is useful whenever the piping system has multiple thermal states that are sufficiently different such that the results from each thermal state should he considered when doing the spring hanger design.

The next run ofpipe accommodates a full 23 foot run, so two supports can be located between node points 30 and Please advise if possible regards tim. Even though the calculated stress range at the COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes junction was weil overpsi, thejunction survived several years hecause of the selfrelieving nature of the thermalload, and the fact that the system cycled fewer than a dozen times over the two year period.

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