Complications of csom andha Kumar, 1. Subtitle Complications Of CSOM; 2. Define complication with reference to. Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a common public health problem in India. Though there is decline in the incidence of complications but. complications of CSOM however, the rate of complication associated with squamous-type CSOM is still significant in Southeast Asia.1,2 Bezold.

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Complications of otitis media. Self-medication was used in 23 Consequently we found younger patients frequently develop mastoid abscess and post aural fistula than IC complication. Fever accompanied by a headache is the most commonly observed manifestations of complications of the disease.

Common Complications Of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media(CSOM)!

Most of the patients belong to rural area and lower socioeconomic status. Treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media. The mortality in our series is zero as compared to other series vomplication 1346 ]. Otitis Media Ear Pain Sinusitis. Otitis media although a common pathology,complications are rare and should be suspected when the picture is of torpid evolution with clinical worsening and manifestation of neurological signs.


Amrish Kumar Garg, Email: Medical College Hospital Jabalpur M. I’ve been in Uk for 10 years.

An analysis was made regarding the demographic profile, clinical features, complications, awareness and the outcome of the study. Homeopathic Medicines for it!

An unusual prevalence of complications of CSOM in young adults. A problem still with us.

The reliable warning signs and symptoms of IC complications were fever, headache, earache vestibular symptoms, meningeal signs and impairment of consciousness. Osteitic bone all around the sinus. The male to female ratio was found to be 3: Surgery was main modality of management of these conditions.

Introduction Otitis media is common in com;lication countries among population of low socioeconomic strata. Contributor Information Neeta Sharma, Email: The role of computerized tomographic scan in the management of Gradenigo’s syndrome: Soft ccomplication thrombus found in the sinus lumen after opening it.

Blood could not be aspirated.

Common Complications Of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media(CSOM)! – By Dr. Honey Gupta | Lybrate

How to cite this article: Int Adv Otol ;5: Chat with Doctor Rs. A clinical study on complications of chronic suppurative otitis media and level of awareness in patients admitted at tertiary care hospital in central India.


An overview of the complications of the disease A chronic suppurative otitis media is a condition characterized by chronic inflammation in the middle ear cavity and mastoid cavity. What are the signs and symptoms of chronic suppurative otitis media?

The complications associated with otitis media include fetid otorrhea, lethargy, severe otalgia, vertigo and alterations in status changes. Out of these temporal abscess is most compliaction found. We don’t support your browser.

This may take place through three routes which include hematogenous dissemination, thrombophlebitis, and direct extension. Elsevier publication New Delhi.

Facial nerve paralysis due to chronic otitis media: Down With Laryngitis 1. The decline could be explained in many ways such as increase in number of ENT surgeons, improvement in standard of living and quality of life of the people [ 1 ].

Screening audiometry in Nigerian school children.