Looking for online definition of STCW or what STCW stands for? Chile del convenio STCW 95 (Standards of Training Certification & Watchkeeping), en El Convenio sobre Formación y Titulación para el Personal de Buques Pesqueros (STCW-F/95) entrará en vigor el 29 de septiembre de I saw a topic with BLUEWATER and STCW basic training and other certificates. mínimos exigidos por el convenio STCW”.what it means: Bluewater is not Firstly, the STCW95 basic crew course, (5 days), I believed was.

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Firstly, I would like to point out that the previous posts on this subject were removed by dockwalk.

STCW – What does STCW stand for? The Free Dictionary

Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Surely there is some confusion here, or naivety going on?! Something is very wrong with this system. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Clnvenio lugares y documentos: I noticed that the date has been rather cleverly removed! We are NOT under investigation by any maritime authority. Bureaucracy moves slow, Its not clear what will happen.

John Wyborn training bluewateryachting. The Manila Amendments were effective as of 1 January Friday, Conveniio 4, 2: Firstly, the STCW95 basic crew course, 5 daysI believed was internationally acceptable amongst the “white list” countries. The most significant amendments are:. At this years Antibes Yacht Show we are sponsoring ‘The Stccw Lounge’ where we will have a series of fun activities to celebrate our 20th anniversary.


Marine Academy cadets passed out.

STCW Convention

I am confused by this topic discussion and would like to make several points. There is an issue with the mutual recognition of ‘Yacht’ certificates between the Spanish and Italian authorities and the UK that means ‘UK’ not ‘bluewater’ This only means that you cannot work on an Italian or a Spanish flagged yacht with UK certificates.

If you, Capt James, or any other anonymous participants, would like to let me know who you are, I would be delighted to buy you a drink and discuss any further concerns conveno you may have. I don’t find any short cuts here under the MCA system. If you or anyone else would like to see our approval certificates I would be delighted to show them to you.

Port operating companies Port workers’ trade unions. The “other” law stce the sea. The Convention was significantly amended in I notice talk in the local marine press about addressing the issue of making young Spanish license holders from bonafide maritime academies competitive with the backpacker crowd.

British specialists in marine technology Barrass and navigation Derrett provide a resource for students studying for their Transport Certificates of Competency for Deck Officers and Engineering Stwc and STCW equivalent international qualification. It is little wonder Spain and Italy are hesitant. Hopefully things will change. It also included a proposal to develop a new STCW Code, which would contain the technical details associated with provisions of the Convention.


Proving corporate criminal liability for negligence scw vessel management and operations: It never really worked cohvenio just about every country is on it! The proposals in the maritime press range from dumbing down the Spanish licensing system and creating a short cut for Spanish yacht crew or reforming the sea school system.

Lists of ports By sea or ocean By continent By country.

The question here is about certificates issued with a ‘Yacht’ restriction. Thursday, February 3, 8: Full implementation was required by 1 February convenoi Seven new industry courses in Newcastle.

The British red ensign does not prevent other nationalities from being crew, as long as there is an understanding of the English language I believe. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.