CPIC National Directory: March Front Cover. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Law Enforcement Service. Technical Information Service Section, Support . maintain an up-to-date list of all CPIC users and advise the National CPIC Administrator of any changes, movement, temporary or permanent. A national forensic advisory committee is needed. 7–13 For example, the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), a backbone system that provides.

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This is not that story. Some legislation is intended to minimize the negative impact of having a criminal record, while other legislation authorizes the disclosure and sharing of criminal record information. For more information on how to use the Privacy Act to access and correct criminal record cpkc, call the Privacy Commissioner at the number listed on page 26 of this document.

When these nationsl time periods have passed, the automated CPIC database is purged of discharge records. Private sector employers who wish to see the record must make a formal request in youth court and convince the judge that they have a substantial interest in the record. The CPIC system also has access to the motor vehicle information systems in each province and territory.

Can a person access their own criminal record? Every country has its own rules and practice about visitors with criminal records. What criminal record information do employers, community agencies and educational institutions have natiional to?

However, in instances where security clearance must be granted by the government of Canada, a province or municipality for purposes of employment, a youth’s criminal record may be disclosed. Such records are archived in a special repository in Ottawa for five years after they have been purged from CPIC.


This is often done for the convenience of agencies who request numerous checks at one time. Are there certain volunteer, educational or employment positions for which a criminal record check is more likely to be done?

What kind of youth record information can be accessed? If no further action is taken by the court after five years, the temporary file is destroyed.

Commissioner’s Directive 564-5

The complete list of offences for which records are kept can be found at the end of the Young Offenders Act. Adobe Acrobat Reader Mode of access: The Criminal Records Act provides that in exceptional circumstances, when fingerprints of a discharged person have been found at the scene of a crime or in an attempt to discover the identity of a deceased or amnesic person, pcic name, date of birth and last known address of the person may be obtained, even if the discharge information has been purged from the database.

Anyone not authorized by the Act who wishes to access a youth’s record must bational so by bringing their request to youth court to be heard by a natilnal. It is also worth noting that if an individual does not keep the peace and be of good behaviour, his or her pardon can be revoked. First, they can agree to provide their record. Sirectory person makes a request to the charging police service to have record purged. There have been instances where absolute and conditional discharges have not been removed from the CPIC system after the specified time period.

If the request is made directort the Privacy Act, the costs normally associated with fingerprinting will not apply. If a criminal record check is done before the purge date has passed, the check will indicate either that a record “may or may not exist” OR that it is “not cleared. There are a number of federal laws that relate specifically to the handling of criminal records.


Government records contain information gathered by a government agency or department and may be kept:. Since that person’s name no longer appears on CPIC, that individual no longer directorg a criminal record.

We would also like to thank all those individuals who provided us with information, read drafts and helped us ensure accuracy.

In other situations, the individual is responsible for covering the costs of having a criminal record check eirectory. Hard copy documents kept by the RCMP, including fingerprints, are destroyed.

Understanding Criminal Records

The RCMP says it will now need until to finish uploading nearly half-a-million backlogged files to a nationwide criminal-record database, despite previously saying the job would be done next year. If an employer asks orally or in writing whether a youth has ever been convicted of an offence the young person can truthfully say no or decline to answer. Filed under News Canada. While these laws have set up numerous provisions to protect a person’s right to privacy, they also authorize law enforcement agencies to disclose the name and personal history of people considered dangerous for the purposes of public safety.

Information stored in local and provincial criminal records systems may or may not be found in the CPIC database. We couldn’t have done it without you!