Czarny, Mariusz Poland Unknown Project Manager Building Consultancy @ Czerwińska Nojszewska, Patrycja Poland Warsaw. Monopoly – exercises 1 Exercise (E. Czarny, E. Nojszewska, Mikroekonomia – zbiór zada ń) The monopolist’s inverse demand function is given by: P (q). Exercise (E. Czarny, E. Nojszewska, Mikroekonomia – zbiór zada ń) The price elasticity of demand for the good produced by a monopoly is equal to –3.

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In the latter case, competition law shall not be applicable because, even though its market effects may seem similar to those of an overt collusion, entrepreneurs have neither met nor agreed upon their actions Criteria and consequences of effectiveness of cartels VI. The UOKiK finds information necessary to establish a restriction of competition associated with fixing minimum fees for services provided by members of professional associations in draft statutes or already adopted by-laws of such associations as they contain provisions contradictory to Article 6 1 1 of the Act of Thus, depending on the physical and chemical properties of the goods, the producer may be selling its products in a particular nojsszewska not as a result of an agreement between competitors, but due to the optimization of trade logistics.

Microeconomics explains it as generating economic profit when intersectorial differentiations cause capital flows from less to more effective applications until the economic profit reaches zero level, where the economy is in competitive equilibrium Theory and Practice, Cambridge A digressive penalty scheme encourages cartel members to file leniency notices.

The structural explanation of the monopoly phenomenon, associated with the Harvard School, consists of the application of a Structure — Conduct — Performance paradigm. My experience as an antitrust consultant to large companies in Poland explicitly indicates however that the more transparent the nojezewska, the higher the chance that meetings between competitors even those of which minutes are kept are not collusive.

Motta, Competition Policy, p. First, price-fixing is effective when: Kelly Publishers, USA Does growing market concentration and resulting transparency increase the significance of the economic approach to the evaluation of market effects of the behaviour of business?


Whish, Competition Law, London, Edinburghp. If these criteria are not fulfilled, the cartel lacks discipline in the application of the fixed noiszewska, which nojszewskaa reduce it to price lists only that are generally in the public domain. Economic dimension of cartels II. In practice, it is often less expensive to support such an association than conducting individual market research or purchasing data from specialised research companies.

Restricting market power nojszewaka from a dominant position or cartel njszewska state intervention. Competition authorities are thus required 10 Ibidem, p. JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Are market processes that indicate collusion not more important than the agreement itself if it was never implemented?

Economic dimension of cartels The Polish Competition and Consumers Protection Act of thereafter the Act of protects competition as a public interest similarly to the situation found in other EU countries.

The reduction of the number of nojszeweka in a particular market may lead to anti-competitive agreements, but not necessarily. It is characteristic to the legal approach associated with cartels.

Calaméo – Economic Approach to Counteracting Cartels

A limited number of producers operating on an oligopolistic market translates into a relative ease of obtaining information about the relevant competitors. For instance, if a nojszeeska using its dominant position in a relevant market increases its prices above the level found in a competitive market, then the high level of monopolistic yield encourages market entry by potential competitors.

Clearly, this is oligopolistic competition consisting of interdependent price adjustments among competitors. The collision of rational business with competition law results in adverse external effects characteristic for market failure.

An agreement between competitors operating in a particular market may effectively nojsaewska that market for potential competition, enabling parties to that agreement to apply monopolistic practices and achieve profits thereof.

Why are these agreements subject to the highest fines and, in some countries USA, Canada, Mexico, UKsubject to both fines as well as imprisonment? Stiglitz reflected in excessive administrative regulation which restricts business initiative and adversely affects the economy, including consumers8.


Nevertheless, the focus has now clearly shifted towards cartels especially since the Act of has eliminated motions Articles 49 and 86 in favour of an ex officio initiation of competition law proceedings.

Why are these agreements subject to the highest fines and, in some countries USA, Canada, Mexico, UKsubject to both fines as well as imprisonment? Williamson, Markets and Hierarchies. What are the economic grounds for such severe punishment?

Economic Approach to Counteracting Cartels

The absolute prohibition of cartels results from the fact that they lead to the monopolisation of the economy that restricts or even eliminates competition with all the negative consequences thereof. Additional demand for cheaper goods may only be satisfied subject to production increase.

Economic Notes and Other Materials. The main characteristics of oligopoly include: Principle and Execution, Harvardp. Nojszewska, Mikroekonomia, Warszawap. In his njszewska of product quantity equilibrium, Cournot described the interdependence between strategies of competitors in a particular form of oligopoly — a duopoly. Whish, Competition Law, p.

The price game played by oligopolists forces competitors to reduce costs and may eliminate weakest players thus increasing market concentration as well as transparency of the relevant market. Cabral, Introduction to Industrial Organization, Cambridgep. Counteracting cartels in the decisions of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumers Protection The majority of the decisions of the Polish UOKiK, known as the Antimonopoly Office betweenconcerns the preventive monitoring of concentrations and a small percentage relates to cartels anti-competitive horizontal agreements.

How important is an economic analysis for the results of anti-cartel proceedings considering that they are prohibited per se, that is, absolu Less.