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Start studying DA PAM – ACE Program. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. provide extensive information about DA PAM ( ). Department of the Army Pamphlet –24 Personnel-General Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention Headquarters.

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The goal of suicide postvention is tosupport those affected by a suicide or attempt, promote healthy recovery, reduce 60-24 possibility of suicide contagion,strengthen unit cohesion, and promote continued mission readiness.

Special considerationsFor each method of suicide explore the following: Military OneSource is an internet Web-based service that includes up to 12face-to-face, Web-based or telephonic counseling sessions. Physical autopsy necropsy results.

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Army Military Police School concerning identification of persons atrisk for suicide, and emphasizes that actions taken by law enforcement in the line of duty may cause some people to beat increased risk of suicide.

Services can paam delivered onsite, telephonically, or online.

Outside the continental United States, face-to-face counseling is provided viaexisting medical treatment facility services. The behavioral analysis review should also address the issue of the lethality of the suicidal behavior. The Chaplain Corps tailorsprograms, like Strong Bonds, a comprehensive relationship skills training program, to care for the Army in the broadestway possible, working collaboratively with behavior health and leaders to provide the right capabilities against currentand future requirements.

DA Pam 600-24

This publication is a major Proponent and exception authority. 060-24 gatekeepers can bechaplains, FAP workers, and health care personnel whose primary duties involve assisting people who are moresusceptible to suicidal ideation. The user does not have to read a related reference tounderstand this publication. Trust suspicions, assome warning signs may be subtle.


This site requires a com-mon access card and AKO account to access. A cohesive, coordinated effort to build and maintain a continuum of awareness at the local level, in conjunctionwith prescribed training and awareness that should be updated on at least an annual basis and at a 6000-24 contain thefollowing points: The Provost Marshal— 1 Ensures daa enforcement forces respond to potential suicide situations discretely and cautiously to avoidincreasing stress for the personnel in suicidal crisis that is, normally the use of emergency equipment lights or sirens would be inappropriate.

Probing for ambivalence can be an effective way to break through the desire to die and convincesomeone to get help voluntarily. Indications of increased suicide risk.

Programs and services which support resiliency but do not directly fall under suicide prevention are quite varied. The DA Form may aid in the determination and in future statistical analysis of Army suicides. If it occurs it is probably due to unforeseen secondary effects.

At its most basic level, intervention may simply include listening, showingempathy, and escorting a person to a helping agency. Medical 600-224 show that the to day window of execution is critical to identifying emergingconditions that have a direct impact on health and well-being, and unit operational readiness.

Role of intent a. Pathological autopsytoxicological, investigatory,and psychological evidence, and statements of the decedent va witnesses may be used for this determination. Commanders mayselect key personnel to serve as Ca trainers for their organizations. Leaders need to know their subordinates and assure that timely assistance is provided when needed. This training should address the needs of thespouse and children of married Soldiers, and the parents, boyfriends, and girlfriends of single Soldiers as appropriate.


Gatekeepers can be identified either as primary gatekeepers whose dz duties involveassisting those in need who are more susceptible to suicide ideation or secondary gatekeepers who may have asecondary opportunity to come in contact with a person at risk. Examples include listening, showing empathy, and escorting a person to receive help. These command climate surveys help commanders determine the actual xa of high-risk behaviors,not just reported incidences, because the surveys are done anonymously.

Unitchaplains and chaplain assistants provide and assist in unit-level suicide prevention training for the Army Family leaders, supervisors, Soldiers, and Army Civilians. The information system regarding health promotion, risk reduction,and suicide prevention is constantly changing and all agencies should take advantage of the latest technologicalsolutions for information transmission and dissemination, whenever possible.

Individuals will receive instructions and gain access to the appropriate system at the time of their assessment.

Members are required to have supervisory or functional responsibility forprevention, identification, reporting, investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of spouse and child abuse. Leaders can accomplish this by: