This enjoyable historical fantasy set in ancient Greece spans three decades in the career of Parmenion, a Spartan of mixed ancestry whose life is being shaped . Lion of Macedon by David Gemmell. Lion of Macedon book cover. logo logo. Rating / The best of both worlds (history and. Lion of Macedon by David Gemmell. The dearly-departed David Gemmell was, in his lifetime, acknowledged as a master of the heroic fantasy, and if you want.

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First published init and its sequel, Dark Princefollow the career of a ot version of the Macedonian general Parmenion. So Tamis made it her mission to see that Parmenion would before the deadliest warrior in the world — no matter what the cost. Greek Series 2 books. In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant.

davir David Gemmell was born in in West London, England. Is it too much to hope for that not much has changed? Read it at last and, boy, it was worth it!

The Lion of Macedon by David Gemmell –

Winners are announced in the comments. So it was with the amulet, daavid necklace device which kept Alexander pure and free from the power of the Dark God for awhile.


Dimitrios from UK One of the best books I have read. Jul 26, Charlie – A Reading Machine rated it it was amazing.

Obviously it doesn’t relate to Alexander at all, being set around years after his death! Proves why David Gemmell will be sorely missed Lion of Macedon by David Dxvid The dearly-departed David Gemmell was, in his lifetime, acknowledged as a master of the heroic fantasy, and if you want any proof of that, read Lion of Macedon.


The fantasy was worked in well. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Sphere The War of the Worlds H. Parmenion is a Spartan of mixed ancestry, scorned as a half-breed by other Spartans.

He grew in strength and cunning.

Lion Of Macedon

And even sympathisers risk mxcedon wrath. Through this book we learn of Parmenion’s history, and finally of Philip of Macedon.

He also reuses characters. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. He grew in strength and cunning.

Speculiction Review of Lion of Macedon & Dark Prince by David Gemmell

Qitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel and Sean. The first is the arrival of a mysterious abandoned baby with a hint of power like their own.

Serve at room temperature on a shield of bronze. The Cyclops Case Alan Scribner 7. Orbit Magebane Stephen Aryan. If Bagoas had been correct about Orsine, rather than s Curtius suggests, an evil manipulator of Alexander, then perhaps the hanging gemmell justified. Hephaistion nods, then — I’ve missed you Parmenion is the best character I have come across in fantasy. Current Giveaways Our favorite books of Giveaway!


But I find that this book makes Alexander not only look like a dupe and a fool, a madman, and an idiot, I don’t think it is the best propaganda to fool the macedoh man about the character and person of Alexander.

My favorite Gemmell book. Don’t see who you’re looking for?

Then there was the plot, which consisted of endless descriptions of military manoeuvres and battle formations, all of which went completely over my head and most people’s heads I would assume and made me wonder why the author felt the need to include this tedious d This book markets itself as historical fantasy but really it’s a historical fiction with some supernatural elements. Thanks for telling us about the problem. May 06, T.