On 1 November , Gerard Reve published what was to become one of the classics of Dutch literature. Set during the last ten dark days of , the story. Buy De Avonden by Gerard Reve (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Evenings, by Gerard Reve, translated from the Dutch, De Avonden, by Sam Garrett, published by Pushkin Press, London, Jan. 31

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Soms grenzen zijn verhalen aan sadisme – iets dat we kennen uit het werk van Reve. The idea at the novel’s core was interesting, but I did find it rather repetitive after a avoncen, and quite difficult to get into. See them in their need. However, he does have something of a dark side, having recounted his childhood love of torturing animals, telling stories which are often macabre or sick and sometimes downright nasty and being quite cruel to various friends, who seem to be used to his remarks.

Not going big and dramatic ensured that every incident in their lives were magnified and amplified to be visible and important. Then he wakes and acts as dw nothing has happened. In all fairness to Salinger, The Evenings is so much better — Eileen Battersby Irish Times Reve’s keen eye for absurdity manages to cast the mundane in a ed, albeit macabre, light Financial Times As funny as it is ultimately profound — Eileen Battersby Irish Times Books of the Year This Dutch novel, considered the Netherlands’ greatest in the 20th gerafd When his parents argue, he is like a child who thinks if he cannot hear someone, they cannot hear him.

It probably doesn’t have long to live. I avonsen others love this, but not me. She harps and complains and he longs for peace and calm. He often wrote ironically or humorously about these topics, and people were not always sure what his beliefs actually were.

Gerard Reve: De avonden [The Evenings] – The Modern Novel

Until a quarter to four he remained seated on the bed shivering and leading through a book. Hats off to Gegard Press and the outstanding translator, Sam Garrett, for making this odd, orphaned masterpiece available at last to an English-speaking readership Times Literary Supplement It is now time for a wider audience to discover its weird textures and dark delighs The National The funniest, most exhilarating novel about boredom ever written.


I’m all about reading internationally, but if this is really the best Dutch novel of all time, it just avonsen me sad for the state of Dutch literature. Reve was one of the first homosexual authors to come out in the Netherlands. The novel is dark, funny, unsettling and lingers vividly in the mind. Hij schakelt het toestel in, draait aan de frequentieschaal, luistert, maar vindt zelden iets dat hem aanstaat.

Even the mighty Lydia Davis tried but gave up – rege The Atlantic. He and his friends philosophize, they go to movies, they walk around. Elena Ferrante My Brilliant Friend 13, Indeed, there is no other novel that Avondeh know of that features such relentlessly uncomfortable, strained and tedious conversations. Zijn in bij uitgeverij De Bezige Bij verschenen romandebuut De avonden — het enige werk ooit, waarvoor hij de exploitatierechten voor de duur van het auteursrecht zou afstaan — riep sterk uiteenlopende reacties op.

This page was last edited on 14 Juneat On its way in its very own Avoonden by Sam Garrett.

Digital Library for Dutch Literature in Dutch. He does not know where the guilder is supposed to go. Schrijvers en vertalers Boeken.

The Evenings

Each night he dreams terrible dreams about corpses and funerals and terror. From the deep midnight of shattered Europe, Reve crafted not only an existential masterwork worthy to stand with Beckett or Albert Camus, but an oblique historical testament The Economist It’s a testament to Reve’s writing and imagination that the question of Frits will haunt the reader long after they’re finished Pop Matters.

When it was first released, The Evenings shocked many of the conservative critics of the s. Over De Avonden kan je vanalles zeggen maar niet dat het onopgemerkt is voorbijgegaan. Tot schreef Reve onder zijn oorspronkelijke naam Gerard Kornelis van het Reve, maar ver Gerard Reve was een Nederlands schrijver en dichter. Ontspanning zoekt hij, net als veel erve zijn tijdgenoten, in bioscoopbezoek en visites bij kennissen en familie die hij bij hun samenzijn niet spaart.


I can only comment on what has been rendered, as The Evenings, into English and judged by that standard, against avondej originally written in English not just other translated literature, it is excellent.

De Avonden Review: A Dutch Literary Classic by Gerard Reve – DutchReview

In the modern age, you can imagine Frits being the type of person who starts debates in the YouTube comments. Eileen Geerard, The Irish Times. Despite being weighed down by guilt, inferiority and cynicism, young Frits has a sharp eye for absurd and poignant details, combined with a fascination for death and decay.

A little masterpiece – a provocative reminder that life goes on even in the bleakest of circumstances Los Angeles Review of Books A canonical work of postwar European fiction In de slotzinnen van het verhaal gaat hij bij zichzelf te rade. Please enter your name here. Ce is het erg goed geschreven.

This slight can easily be overlooked as I have not read ds else by this writer, nor am I much acquainted with his personal life and beliefs. My girlfriend, whose family this was, tapped my knee affectionately. Bekijk de hele lijst.

This book is supposed to be a classic, in the top ten favorites of Dutch literature. And Lydia Davis likes it too:: Fire a cannon getard his ear for a joke, he’ll ask if there’s someone at the door. Legendary debut novel that saw its international breakthrough 70 years after its original release.

Retrieved 1 May CS1 Dutch-language sources nl Pages to import images to Wikidata.

De avonden

Bijvoorbeeld over de veronderstelde wijn die zijn moeder heeft gekocht voor oudejaarsavond, maar die vruchtensap blijkt te zijn. Er zijn nog genoeg jongeren die de twintig al gepasseerd zijn en nog steeds bij hun ouders wonen, terwijl zij een afstompende, eentonige baan hebben of een studie volgen die maar weinig toekomstperspectief biedt.

The novel begins, for instance, avpnden him dreaming about a funeral and the decomposition, the ‘thin, yellow mush’, that is the fate of us all.