Decentralisation and Localism Bill, with clauses, is due to be published on Monday. Here are the key points. A separate Library Research Paper, Localism Bill: planning and housing, . Localism and decentralisation are overlapping but separate. Decentralisation and Localism Act – Local Authority Powers, Governance and. Standards. Matthew Reed, Landmark Chambers. 1. This paper considers the.

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Mayors could have an impact on democratic engagement and voter turnout.

The Localism Bill: A radical redistribution of power?

What were you doing? Local community groups can be essential for scrutiny of local government and articulating views but decisions about local areas should ultimately be taken by locally elected officials, rather than by unelected community groups that may have sectional or unrepresentative points of view. Thank you for your feedback. Yet there were few radical reforms to match this interest.

To what extent local government is ‘infantlised’ and needs more power in order to realise localism? These duties may be sensible for authorities but it should be for local authorities to decide. Under the Labour government, the idea of ‘New Localism’ and ‘Communities in Control’ were popular, and the state of local government finance was reviewed by the Raynsford and Lyons inquiries.

Decentralisation and Localism Bill: the key points – Telegraph

Localism also aims to promote greater accountability. The centralism implicit in the accepted ministerial role is well illustrated by the letter sent by Bob Neill, a junior CLG minister, to all local authority leaders informing them they should provide an effective refuse collection even in difficult circumstances, as if they were unaware or incapable of doing so. Proposals in the Bill give expression to localism and decentralisation to local authorities, localisk they are set within a framework that remains largely centralist.


Currently, with separate organisations having different accountability systems it is often very difficult to understand who holds overall accountability for service delivery.

It could advance the decentralisation agenda for two key reasons: Examples of decentralksation in the Bill include: While disagreements are inevitable the danger is they can lead to sustained conflicts which could undermine not merely localism but the aspirations of the Big Society. It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use. Is decentralisation about only communities of place or does it include those of background, interest and need as well? The development of the Localism Bill currently before parliament has been conditioned by the dominant centralist culture of central government — with the result that decentralsiation Localism Bill could as well have been called the Centralism Bill.

The consensus was there were some big challenges ahead which need to be addressed in order to make the decentralisation agenda work. Previous post Next post.

Find out more about cookies. We foresee the forthcoming Act being accompanied by a panoply of regulations and orders as well as by almost endless pages of guidance as the centre seeks to determine what should be done locally- rather than the local authority which knows local conditions and is locally accountable.

To accept cookies, click continue. The initiatives aim to devolve power to different bodies and groups at different levels within and outside government.

The Localism Bill: A radical redistribution of power? | The Institute for Government

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It focuses on the Localism Bill, which will provide the legislative foundation for change. Those responsible for providing local services are closer, and even drawn from, the local community.

The repeal of provisions in the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act which specify in great detail how local authorities should deal with petitions. There could be little accountability of groups to local people. Mayors offer the potential to consolidate the remaining power at a local level into one visible pair of hands.

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University of Portsmouth Home Society and culture Community and society. A mayor could make this a reality and provide a way to sharpen local accountability.

Decentralisation and Localism Bill: the key points

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government will decide whether the expenditure proposed by a local authority is excessive and a local referendum is held.

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The Secretary of State has indicated that twelve large cities must hold referendums on elected mayors even though their councils have not decided to hold one and their citizens have not sought one- even though only 5 per cent of the electorate have to localiwm a petition to secure a referendum. Local authorities could then draw the bulk of their resources from their own voters with taxes whose rates they determine.

It was suggested public interest in local democracy will only increase if a direct link between voting and making change happen is visible. Without radical reform to local government, introducing mayors could be seen as a “cry of despair”. Yet we know that collaboration between organisations within the public, private and third sector organisations is essential in the provision of high quality public services. The Government has not clarified the relationship as between these two approaches to decentralization although it appears it sees the relationship being determined by detailed regulation rather than by local authorities working with communities.

What is public policy.