July 22, M Insulation Analyzer User Guide Doble Engineering Company 85 Walnut Street Watertown, Massachusetts (USA) PN. Doble M User Guide. July 6, | Author: Pablo Toro Lopez | Category: Computer Keyboard, Frequency Modulation, Electromagnetic Interference. GMT Doble Test. Procedures – Richmond. Community College -. Doble M User Guide. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed.

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Recommended test voltages for testing a transformer without insulating fluid are listed in the Doble Test Procedures manual. Isolate the cause dobke restarting a test after alternately: Both the Mc and M are turned on and connected to an active, stable power source, appropriately rated and grounded.

Insert the installation diskette in the A: Running M Tests 2 72A Rev.

July 22, 6. Select the language for the installation instructions. Mouse Settings You can modify the mouse settings for maximum visibility on the Mc Controller: Finally, you will be asked which languages you wish to have installed on the computer.

For additional protection, it is recommended that the terminals of individual cells be discharged before personnel come in contact with them. F July 22, Preventive Maintenance Do not drop the instrument. Safety switch must be released between tests: Graphing Test Results With the new graphing function, you can graph data on the clipboard sheet.


Doble M4000 User Guide

While a few other M components exist, they are not field-replaceable. Installation of the M Software is now complete. Or, press ALT and the underlined doblw.

The transformer beneath the grounded metal cover is also at guard potential. This can also be done by selecting Edit Test Note from the Edit pull-down menu item. To return to the previous screen, press Back located on the top of the Help screen.

The principal functions included under these items are better accessed by using the icons described in the previous paragraphs. When clicking on this icon, the software will ask you which line the note corresponds to.

Doble M4100 Insulation Analyzer User Guide

The data found on the Test Conditions screen is that of the last test run. F Storage and Moving Mode 3.

July 22, 4. Care must be taken to avoid contact with the apparatus being tested, its associated bushings and conductors, and with the M Insulation Analyzer cables.

If it is clear that a problem is associated with the Mc Controller, refer to the Mc Controller manual. Be especially alert to the condition of these items.

Data entry is now more intuitive.

Doble M User Guide – Free Download PDF

In the resulting pop-up Source Directory window, type in the desired directory. If a padded shipping container or trunk is not used when transporting the Instrument and Transformer locally, then protect against road vibration and bumps by having them mounted on shock absorbing material 2″ to 4″ of padding is desirable.


Line Frequency – Select the frequency that corresponds to the user’s system; or, if trying to duplicate a test result made at another frequency, select either frequency.

The contents maunal also has a series of buttons along its top: For example, the default settings call for an increase of volts every time the up arrow is pressed when manually dovle up the voltage.

Doble M User Guide ยท GitBook (Legacy)

WARNING In particular, due to the presence of static charges from nearby energized lines, never touch the live end hook of the high voltage cable when moving leads. B-2 For Equipment Maintenance, Contact Report “Doble M User Guide”. The first test is run at a frequency of 57 Hz and the mamual test is run at 63 Hz.

A speeder-type wrench is provided for use with this clamping arrangement and for use in tuning the Resonator. The M instrument also contains measuring circuits to determine the condition of the insulation under test, as well as direct control safety circuits to ensure electrical safety of personnel and test apparatus.