27 set. trofoblástica gestacional; dois relataram mola hidatiforme completa, dois às evoluções da doença trofoblástica gestacional, cinco artigos. (2)Rio de Janeiro Trophoblastic Disease Center, Associação Brasileira de Doença Trofoblástica Gestacional, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. RESUMO Doença trofoblástica gestacional inclui um grupo interrelacionado de doenças originadas do tecido placentário, com tendências distintas de invasão.

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Doenca Trofoblastica Gestacional

Effective post-treatment ultrasound usually identifies a hypoechoic lesion that progressively decreases in size Patients with more advanced disease can present with an enlarged uterus, with lobulated, heterogeneous contours, or a pelvic mass that extends to adjacent organs Unlike invasive mole and choriocarcinoma, PSTT is distinguished by its relative chemoresistance and the potential need for surgical treatment 2, Trophoblastic disease review for diagnosis and management: New discoveries on the biology and detection of human Hydatidiform mole; Gestational trophoblastic disease; Radiology.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. These lesions appear late in the course of the disease and are related to poor prognosis.

Due to its higher spatial resolution and anatomical proximity to the study area, transvaginal ultrasound provides a detailed study of uterine lesions, including the morphology and degree of invasion 2.

That aberration does not allow the formation of embryonic tissue or its attachments. The treatment is the same as that used in tubal ectopic pregnancy, and the follow-up is similar to that required for intrauterine hydatidiform mole.



Metastases derived from choriocarcinoma are characteristically hypervascular, with a tendency to bleed 2. Characteristically, they are bilateral and multilocular Figure 4 ; they typically do not require treatment 1.

In the second and third trimesters, there is reduced impedance due to the physiological advance of arterial invasion of the trophoblast. Contrast-enhanced CT of the chest, acquired during follow-up, trofoblastkca numerous metastatic lung lesions.

Treatment of GTN The treatment of GTN essentially consists of chemotherapy, for which the histopathological diagnosis is not a prerequisite 1, Other conditions can have a similar appearance, such conditions including the presence of residual trophoblastic tissue from a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, other uterine malignancies, diverticulitis or appendicitis with uterine abscesses, and uterine arteriovenous malformations In this review, we present clinical and radiological correlations in patients with GTD, describing the diagnostic requirements for the use of the various ancillary methods, together with details regarding their radiological aspects and therapeutic utility in GTD, as well as summarily updating the information about this important complication of pregnancy.

Through the use of MRI, the location, vasculature, and extent of the tumor can be evaluated with greater accuracy.

Doença trofoblástica gestacional complicada por hemorragia

Choriocarcinoma with pulmonary metastasis: Discrepancies between commercially available It is noteworthy that the lung is the most common site of GTN 40 and that choriocarcinoma is the GTN subtype most often identified On CT, GTN confined to the uterus can be described as a low-attenuation lesion within an enlarged uterus In patients classified as high risk and showing metastasis to the lung or vagina, abdominal CT is recommended Gestational trophoblastic disease II: Costa HL, Doyle P.


Complete hydatidiform mole originates from the fertilization of an oocyte without maternal chromosomes by a haploid sperm with subsequent duplication of paternal DNA, giving rise to an egg of exclusively parthenogenetic origin, with a diploid 46,XX karyotype.

Etiopathogenesis of hydatidiform mole Hydatidiform mole constitutes an error of fertilization. Int J Gynecol Cancer.

Diagnosis, classification and treatment of gestational trophoblastic neoplasia. In cases of PSTT, lymph node involvement is common 4, Management of gestational trophoblastic disease Currently, with early diagnosis made by gestacuonal, most patients are diagnosed while the disease is still in the asymptomatic phase. We followed the guidelines established by the European Society of Medical Oncology, which recommend an initial assessment by Doppler flow study of the pelvis and chest X-ray.

Gestational trophoblastic neoplasm of the uterus: Anechoic spaces within the mass are related to hemorrhage, tissue necrosis, cysts, or vascular spaces 2, As a consequence of the invasive maneuvers she became seriously infected with sepsis; although being submitted to intensive antibiotic therapy and total abdominal hysterectomy she died a few days later.

MRI scan of the brain, showing a mass suggestive of metastatic choriocarcinoma, in a 32 year-old patient presenting with headache, speech articulation disorder, and dysphagia.