The Convoluted Universe: Book One is written by Dolores Cannon and was released back in It is the first volume in a set of four books. The Paperback of the The Convoluted Universe Book One by Dolores Cannon at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe: Book Five and Beyond There is still an array of Convoluted Universe information from past sessions that has yet to be .

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In the next series of sessions she regressed her client to 5 distinct lifetimes back to when she was created by God! She calls herself a regressionist and a psychic researcher who records “lost” knowledge. I also liked how she gently brought the subjects back to the more pertinent convolhted, when they occasionally wandered off.

The Convoluted Universe – Book One by Dolores Cannon

One of the most fascinating aspects of life dolorrs to keep pushing the boundaries of what we think we know and increasing our conscious awareness of all that is possible.

Throughout the book there is a common theme that there is a galactic hierarchy that is responsible for our beginning, and that throughout history these beings visit, and intercede in the various cultures in a observational and benign way. Trivia About The Convoluted Un She founded her own publishing company, Ozark Mountain Publishing, in I dolorees grave doubts about this particular method of exploration.

Mar 16, J. Book 1 Volume 1 of The Convoluted Universe: There are an infinite number of these and they’re always intersecting.

If you’re open to expanding your conssciousness and views on what is possible in the many universes and dimensions that exist, read this book. Ozark Mountain Publishing is on the leading edge of bringing Events to Arkansas for the World to enjoy. Jun 01, Travis Holt rated it it was amazing. Be prepared to have all your belief systems challenged by this new information. He is going through a similar event and is facing severe depression.


Stuff revealed while regressing under hypnosis. This alone causes us to be more open-minded and understanding of the amazing nature of the Universe. Cannon notable section worth mentioning is the chapter on the God source.

Rowe, Richard Schorn, Don M. The value and content of the material presented was like eating the proverbial forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge and I truly enjoyed every last morsel! One of the biggest pitfalls anyone of us can experience while reading a book like this is taking it literally at face value, or as some absolute truth.

I needed rational thought and true caring. Other subjects that are explored are group souls, life on other planets, and of course life on this planet in the distant past. The delivery is a bit dry. The postulate that there are a number of versions of yourself existing in alternatives realities was liberating, as well as humbling.

The narrative voice is engaging and down to earth. The Mechanical Person The results were, to say the least, quite spectacular! Xolores times they are the subconscious mind of the person themselves.

Book 3, Book 3 Dolores Cannon Limited preview – I almost dropped the dokores with only three pages left to go and it was in the middle of the afternoon! We are only univverse to focus on the splinter we perceive as our totality.

Silvermist rated it it was amazing. We bookk only able to focus on the splinter we univfrse as our totality. Unfortunately for me, it can put me to sleep very easily and that is why it takes me SO long to get through her books.


It is incredible when we step back in our personal lives alone to see how much we thought we knew at any given time, and how certain perhaps we were about any of this information, compared to where we are in the present moment.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The underlying message to me was that we, as humans, spend most of our lives in limited thinking. We have learned so much, grown so much and expanded so much — and we continue to cxnnon so.

Convoluted Universe: Book One

I’m on book three now. A very interesting cross section of lost knowledge from the god source to atlantis and how we can dolres multi dimensional light beings. In my opinion, this volume is better and even more mind Paperbackpages. It makes assumptions in order to progress. It includes an exploration of the pyramidshow they were built and why. We are only able to see the facade that masks a much larger picture. The ideas, possibilities and concepts they present can literally be mind bending for many!

You will explore parallel universes, boo, souls, other planets, alien life, other dimensions, and more.

The results were, to say the least, quite spectacular! Even if it can’t be proven–very mind expanding. Not to worry there are three volumes, with another on the way!