It’s probably no coincidence that the best of Dorothy L Sayers’ Peter Wimsey novels – Five Red Herrings, The Nine Tailors and Gaudy Night. The Nine Tailors [Dorothy L. Sayers] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Nine Tailors is Dorothy L. Sayers’s finest mystery, featuring Lord. on New Year’s Eve at the start of Dorothy L. Sayers’ The Nine Tailors. Sayers took her title from the number of times a bell will toll to mark.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Anne Brooke February 4, Yes, it’s just as improbable as most of Sayers’ other mysteries. The chapters also use leitmotivs from church bell ringing expositions.

Bunter 4 episodes, Elizabeth Proud No Harriet in this book, and as far as I remember, not even a mention thereof. The bells of Fenchurch St Paul loom over The Nine Tailors in a way that lodges in your mind for saayers, months and years afterwards.

The Nine Tailors (Lord Peter Wimsey, #11) by Dorothy L. Sayers

A woman’s death is announced with ‘Six Tailors’. This is undoubtedly the best of the LPW adaptations from the s. This is deliberate with Sayers, who often scorned the traditional whodunit thrills in favor of writing for the sake of writing. Lots of hints, maybe, of the you-better-not-anger-the-b Where I got the book; from my bookshelf. This dorohty was last edited on 11 Octoberat It had me searching for recordings of change ringing it also helped me “get” Richard Thompson’s “Time to Ring Some Changes”, a small thing but there it is.

The vicar of the nearby village — Fenchurch St Paul — offers him a bed for the night while his droothy is repaired and Wimsey finds himself part of a bell ringing marathon. Anne Brooke February 3, On Disc at Amazon. In a letter discussing the book, Sayers said “I wrote [the novel] without ever having seen bells rung, by brooding over Troyte on Change-Ringing and trying to translate its technical descriptions into visual effects.


After his escape, Deacon dayers murdered a thee named Cobbleigh and swapped clothes and identities with him. It may have been a 4 star read experience for me if I had read it in print hardcover copy. Really, she’s writing beyond mystery to an England she knows very well. Lord Peter is such a handy bloke to have around.

Nothing would please me more than to ring bells all day and all night. A collective of bibliophiles talking about books.

The Nine Tailors

The location shooting is beautiful, in particular the church interiors and, as other reviewers have noted, the countryside. Quotes from The Nine Tailors. I tended to skip the combinations for the ringing of the bells and also the very lengthy procedure taken sqyers break the cypher. Please enter a suggested description. Two of the six went back to and Great review of one of my favourite detective novels, Moira!

The embedding within fen country of marsh and river and rather random isolation is a departure from the usual Lord Peter city and Nearly everyone gives this one more star than I did.

I think, though, that The Nine Tailors was something more — I think it was DS’s meditation on the divine, or if it wasn’t intentionally, I think that’s what she did without knowing it.

Lady Thorpe, wife of Sir Henry, the local squire, dies the next morning and Wimsey hears how the family has been blighted by the theft 20 years previously of a valuable emerald necklace which was never recovered.

The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L Sayers | Vulpes Libris

Inshe won a scholarship to Somerville College, Oxford, and studied modern languages and medieval literature. Lots of hints, maybe, of the you-better-not-anger-the-bells variety hide spoiler ] –but as murder mysteries go, I find it unsatisfactory. Jim Thoday, appalled at William’s apparent brutality but loyal to him, had waited until the night following Lady Thorpe’s funeral, when he had made the body unrecognisable, hidden it in her grave, then left for sea.


It is possibly that of an out-of-work labourer calling himself ‘Driver’ who had arrived in the village in early January although, oddly, the dead man was wearing underclothes that had been made in France.

Yes, the writing is gorgeous. Did we, the readers, really have all the clues in front of us? It says “see http: There’s a Norman church in Rye, East Sussex, with a bell tower you can climb, and I’ve been doing so since I was in my teens.

And if any of you wishes to hear a unique and utterly beautiful example of how church and hand bells can be brought movingly together you may care to follow this link: I’m not a fan of the death penalty or revenge killings or anything like that, but you do feel that he “got what was coming to him” it’s difficult to feel any urgency about the investigation, especially because you feel — as Peter does — that it’d really be best if it could all just be left alone.

I really got invested in the village and the people there. Does this need to be read in order? Then, from the faint, sweet tubular chimes of the clock overhead, the four quarters and the twelve strokes of midnight. However, it wasn’t much of a mystery – and I’m terrible at guessing these things, so it must have been as plain as the nose on my face.