Edward Rutherfurd is a pen name for Francis Edward Wintle (born in Salisbury, England). Rutherfurd settled near Dublin, Ireland in the early s, but currently divides his time between Europe and North America. New York: The . The Princes of Ireland has ratings and reviews. Jaline said: From Edward Rutherfurd’s website:Q. You have said in interviews in the past that. The Princes of Ireland (The Dublin Saga, #1) and The Rebels of Ireland (The Dublin Saga, #2).

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Edward Rutherfurd’s stories are woven together from families that existe It was Morgan Llywelyn’s tale of Cuchulain in Red Branch and Brian Boru in Lion of Ireland that fueled my love for historical fiction. To many of the seaports in Ireland, it was no different than past dealings with other traders from other countries.

Like the novels of James Michener, The Princes of Ireland brilliantly interweaves engrossing fiction and well-researched fact to capture the essence of a place. Historical novels can be simply human dramas set in historical times, or they can be human dramas woven into historical events, to bring those events to life.

There is a sequel which I will take on soon The Princes of Ireland is a hefty book, but inside its covers is basically the author’s braindump of anything and everything to do with Irish history.

Oct 07, Annette rated it it was amazing Shelves: Then there’s the Vikings arrival, the Tudor conques Rutherfurd takes us through Irish history starting with when the Irish were pagans. While Sarum and London really described history so vividly through the stories of the characters, this book relied a lot more on pages and pages of pure historical description and facts, which definately got tedious at times.

So the problems came down to three things that are rutuerfurd problems to this day — and not by any means only in Ireland.

The Princes of Ireland – The Dublin Saga

This is Historical Fiction. View all 4 comments. Tens of millions of North Americans claim Irish descent.

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Since then he has written five more bestsellers: It seems to me that those of us in the business of storytelling, in books, plays or movies, have an ethical obligation not to mislead our audiences over the historical record, especially when subjects may be emotive and affect our attitudes rutherfutd others. Each new tale takes you from one family to the next and the events that unfold are based on real historical events and clans.

The Princes of Ireland brilliantly interweaves engrossing fiction and well-researched fact to capture the essence of a place.

Edward Rutherfurd

This is a problem I h I stopped reading this book in Chapter 7 because I just couldn’t take it anymore – it was mostly dull stories with some interesting tidbits thrown in every once in a while. Read it Forward Read it first.

The author’s understated humor made the book delightful. The Dublin Saga was also published as Dublin: I just didn’t care any more. Retrieved from ” https: I enjoy Rutherfurd’s stories of European cities because you get the history of the city with a rich saga of interesting characters. They just seemed like incarnations of people already introduced.

Edward Rutherfurd – Wikipedia

I lost interest, did the poll, put the book down and moved on to something else. I did like the first half, but I lost interest after the part about Brian Boru.

Leaps through the centuries. What was so wonderful about Sarum and London was the way he made history come to life through his characters, the way their fortunes rose and fell through the ages, and the way Edawrd was nowhere near as good as Sarum or London, though it was still enjoyable and educational. eutherfurd

The finale of the book leave readers hanging a bit, with Ireland firmly in the grasp of Henry VIII and many of our families come to uneasy but intriguing alliances, so I’ll be ruterfurd pressed to leave off reading the second book until next summer! Stanford Graduate School of Business. Through the interlocking stories of a memorable cast of characters – druids and chieftains, monks and smugglers, noblewomen and farmwives, merchants and mercenaries, rebels and cowards – we see Ireland rutherfurx the lens of Dublin, its greatest city.


Last year I cheated a bit and read both London and the Forest, which, while interesting, lacked the same intruging characters and drive as Paris, but it’s become clear to me that Rutherfurd’s writing style has evolved and improved over the years. And as a writer who is currently trying to sell a page novel White Seed: New characters, new century!

If they hadn’t done ruutherfurd, millions of people would have believed it, and no doubt many people still do.

The Dublin Saga by Edward Rutherfurd

I felt it was a bit slow and drawn out in some places, but the interactions and intertwining between the families we’re watching through the years and how they react to what are now major historical people and events are incredibly interesting to read and imagine. His books have sold more than fifteen million copies and been translated into twenty languages. Let me just start off with saying that you need to be awake and alert when reading this book. After posting a poll about whether I should finish the book, I thought about the pros and ons of each side.

Through the use of generational story telling, we as readers experience how various things influenced Ireland. And through the eyes of his characters, he captures the rise of Charles Stewart Parnell and the great Irish nationalists and the birth of an Ireland free of all ties to England.

Awakening New York Paris I’m used to Rutherfurd changing time periods and characters every chapter, so when I started this book, I expected that. I think he spent more time fleshing them out and it probably would have been better if his Dublin Saga had been split into 2 or 3 books to give equal time to everyone.