Ducati has unveiled a new cc Testastretta engine ahead of the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy. New Ducati Testastretta DVT V-twin engine revealed and detailed, features first ever variable valve timing (VVT) equipped in a bike engine. Ducati variable timing improves engines. Posted on 16th October, by Mark Hinchliffe. Ducati Testastretta engine.

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Luxembourg nl Luxembourg fr. In the development of the DVT, the Desmodromic valvetrain represents a major advantage over a traditional spring based timing system; the actuation of the valves at low engine speed requires less force, not having to compress the valve springs, this allowed Ducati to limit the size of each cam phaser with obvious benefits in terms of lightweight construction and compactness for a perfect engine integration.

New Ducati Testastretta DVT engine detailed (with videos)

twstastretta A secondary air system completes the oxidization of unburned hydrocarbons to reduce hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels. The vertical head of the Monster with its two additional bosses. In aerodynamic improvements as well as engine upgrades were standard.

The Ducati features a With axial admission, the oil flow does not need to overcome the centrifugal force found in a radial admission layout.

The resulting enhanced fuel vapourisation improves combustion efficiency and ensures a smoother delivery.

Choose your country or region. Equal parts writer, photographer, and rider, “JDawg” is a jack of all trades and even a master of some. The rear one see detail is connected to the rear subframe, supporting the seat and using an 18mm bolt. A reed valve atop of it controls flow. October 20, By Justin Dawes.

The 1,rpm range separating the power peaks is a sign testastretra good flexibility, in line with the spirit of the Monster and Hypermotard. Bipantah Desmoquattro Superquadro Singles V-twins. The dcati of riding a Ducati. Thanks emgine this unique system, the intake and exhaust valves are closed mechanically and with the same level of accuracy as they are opened. Secondary air improved stability at medium and heavy low-rpm testastretya, where Ducati engines typically develop a staggering response to throttle action.

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With full Euro 4 compliance, DVT sets a new standard in the combination of power, delivery and usability of motorcycle engines. An anti-knock sensor ensures safe engine operation even while using lower octane fuel or in situations potentially detrimental to combustion efficiency, e. Ducati Monster engine close-up. The bearings held on, but the crankcases did not. Views Read Edit View history. The design is aimed at meeting anti-pollution limits to be introduced.

Connecting rods have remained unchanged in their structure and vital measurements, with 40mm bearing diameter and mm center-to-center dimensions. This was also the introduction of liquid cooling and computerised fuel injection to the V-twin range.

Despite this increased power and torque this new DVT engine sees an average testastrettw eight percent reduction in fuel consumption. Online Shop Contact dealer. The new Panigale Corse is egine highest sporting expression of testastrettaa famous twin cylinder. This page was last edited on 11 Marchat The smaller bore produces a stronger case structure thanks to the thicker annular section around the main bearing seat, plus additional webbing. Retrieved from ” https: With its mm bore and The one located on the crankcase, at the center of the vee of the cylinders, is no longer structural.

Still, he did not want to use too much oil flow and pressure, so he decided for a hybrid solution for the Pantah: The DVT tstastretta consists of an external housing, rigidly connected to the cam belt pulley, and an internal mechanism which is connected to the camshaft and can independently rotate inside enigne housing.

The pocket deep and spoon-shaped exploits the high-pressure injection jet of gasoline to enhance the turbulence inside the combustion chamber, for faster and more complete combustion. The overlap angle is defined as the interval of crankshaft rotation, expressed in degrees, during which both the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time.

Canada en Canada fr. The Ducati was designed by Pierre Terblanche, amid much controversy and criticism relating to the styling.


The main-end plain bearings do not feature the usual groove and admission hole because Taglioni has always favored axial admission lubrication circuits, which require less pressure. Negine from the original on 2 April Enggine Italiano Edit links. From the GTV, Taglioni drew on basic experience that would change his very conservative approach to crank assembly design—the plain bearings and related forged one-piece crankshaft and cap-type rods were the optimal solution to solve the dramatic problem of multiple failures of the traditional pressed together crankshafts turning on ball and needle bearings.

Mondo Ducati in Italian nr.

Ducati: Moto, MotoGP & Superbike

They had superb radial loads and axial thrust capacity, and thanks to their lightweight synthetic material testastretha they could stand extremely high rpm. The secondary air enters the combustion chamber through the port of the left inlet valve. Features Ducati Ducati Monster motorcycle engine performance motorcycle engines. Castiglioni brothers from Cagiva bought Ducati in May and decided to start new investments in order to compete with Japanese firms.

The fuel injectors have been repositioned to target their spray directly on the hot intake valve rather than the intake port wall. Multistrada means all the Ducati technology, performance and comfort, to live great adventures and travels at any distance on any road. The highest peak of technology and Ducati design to reach the maximum perfomances.

Ducati variable timing improves engines

At each sign of failure there were plenty of them with the Superbike racers Ducati beefed up the crankcases and the 8-valve Desmo soldiered on to grow into a cc twin with a From Testasteetta, the free encyclopedia. It had a six-speed gearbox. The new crankshaft foreground of the Ducati comes from a new forging with more accurate counterweight profiles and the new, larger main-end journals.

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