El Evangelio según Jesucristo has ratings and reviews. Amy said: OK, I have officially given up on this book. I have 75 pages left, but I ju. El Evangelio Segun Jesucristo by Jose Saramago, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy EL EVANGELIO SEGUN JESUCRISTO DE JOSE SARAMAGO by ROMAN CARLOS (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free.

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Just a few pages saramagk, Saramago’s narrator claims that Jesus is mistaken to forgive the repentant thief while condemning the other thief on the cross.

El Evangelio según Jesucristo by José Saramago (2 star ratings)

Saramago’s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public. Refresh jesucrixto try again. In the end, this silly story got too big for its own good and enough is enough, I guess. I feel the title should have been different. The book is well written, the language very poetical in some parts.

I didn’t like it. It re-envisions the story of Jesus in a way that attempts to reconcile discrepancies between the old and new testament, so it crafts God and Satan into very different characters than those imagined by the Abrahamic religions.

It is no wonder that the first time I picked up this book to try reading it, I didn’t get past the first few pages – it just bored me – and that it took a cross Atlantic flight of 6 hours for me to finally get far enough along to end up finishing the book.

I wanted to read a first person account of the life of Jesus Christ, and the book definitely didn’t delivered that Interesting modern attempt to understand the duality resulting from being both human and divine at the same time, but never having read the novel by Kazantzakis I suspect that this one is not as original as might be at first suspected. This was a tedious read for me. God goes on for about half a dozen pages naming martyrs and the ways in which they died for the gospel and then mentions the Crusades and the Inquisition.


The story explores some deep things, like hypocrisy and guilt. Saramago is not my favorite author. I also couldn’t quite figure out why he wrote it–it didn’t seem like a book written to encourage or discourage the believer, nor provoke thought seguun the atheist. Saramago no es mi autor favorito.

There’s nothing wrong with being firm in your convictions, but good fiction written wvangelio the literary set is not made of such one-dimensional thought.

El Evangelio Segun Jesucristo : Jose Saramago :

I also couldn’t quite figure out why he wrote it–it didn’t seem like a book written to Not for me. Una historia muy jesudristo.

Well, it’s always risky to rewrite a religious story and I am of the opinion that if you’re going to do it, then you really have to know your stuff. Most of the strength of this novel lies with the realism of the story’s setting you can often see the dust of 1st century Palestine, etc. Do you know Jesus Christ?

After four of ssgun books, can I say that I appreciate, but do not love, Saramago now?

El Evangelio Segun Jesucristo

Non ci sono praticamente capoversi, i dialoghi sono intervallati da virgole senza andare a capo, se superano le tre-quattro battute sembra di leggere l’equivalente letterario di una partita di ping-pong. The problem is that Saramago sometimes makes assertions without offering any sort of narrative argumentation i.

Feb 03, Jonathan Walker rated it it was ok. Just a few pages in, Saramago’s narrator claims that Saramago, an atheist, attempts to retell the story of Jesus Christ in a manner that suits his religious and philosophical beliefs. But there remains a sense of the extraordinary, wonder to the story and a dark foreboding cloud lies over the ent Not the typical story of Jesus and the holy family at least not the one I grew up with.


The final chapter, which is written in a superb manner. I also liked Saramago’s cheekiness, but I am a cheeky bugger, too, and nobody seems to give me any Nobel prize for my efforts!

He spent most of his childhood on his parent’s farm, except while attending school in Lisbon. I think I am going to move this book along to someone who might appreciate it more.

I rate it 2 and that’s for the example of what a book written on such a subject shouldn’t be like Nobel prize de Literatura saramagp Gospel according to Jesus Christ responds the desire of a man and a writer to excavate until the roots of the own civilization, in the mystery of its tradition, to extract the essential questions But I found it too wordy which is odd coming from meand I think there was a lost focus on actually setting the book up and carrying it through it a more narrative and stylistic way.

Saramago, an atheist, attempts to retell the story of Jesus Christ in a manner that suits his religious and philosophical beliefs. I really espected more. I think this is a well written book.