Entre luz y tiniebla by Laura Whitcomb, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. ENTRE LUZ Y TINIEBLA [Laura; Guelbenzu, Ana Whitcomb] on el papel entre los dedos, ni oler la tinta, ni saborear la punta de un lápiz, veía y. No todo es plácido y sencillo en el mundo de los cuentos de hadas, un lugar en el que Ela podría lograr la felicidad, de no ser por el absurdo.

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James was much more responsible while dealing with Billy’s life and family. I’m not someone who easily likes main characters for some reason, but Helen’s situation was just so interesting that it immediately drew me to her and all her jealously and her book snobbery that would be insufferable in any other scenario. I recommend this for paranormal fans who enjoy something a bit out of the ordinary. However, it is clear that she is stuck on earth and cannot move on for some reason.

I recommend this for paranormal fans who enjoy something a bit out of the ordinary. That was just my one and only “thing” against this beautifully written ghost-love story. The reason I gave it 4 stars and not a 5 stars is because, at one point I found Helen a bit childish and irresponsible. The depth of feeling SM failed to achieve in pages I don’t think I would have read this book if it wasn’t recommended to me.

Luckily, this book lived up to all my expectations and even managed to surprise me!

A Certain Slant of Light

Needless to say, this brings up quite a few difficult situations, but Whitcomb weaves through these with ease. It almost made up for the rest of the book, which was decent but not great. I didn’t love every character or every relationship or every situation. One day, a human catches her eyes — he sees her, and that’s sntre things truly kick off. I’m upgrading to 4 stars. There’s so much to say about this book that I fear that tibieblas words will not be good enough. So in order to keep the pain at bay she clings to people, her hosts.


The Lights and the two human bodies’ lives merge and collide to create this perfectly entertaining, treasure tnieblas a read. And yes, to me infatuation and lust are more common but much lesser entities than t For some reason, I feel as though to be able to review this book, I need to qualify whatever I’m going to say with the fact that I’m not really a romantic person.

El Mundo Encantado de Ela | LIBROS BAJO LA LUZ DE LA NOCHE

I didn’t like how Helen and James were 27 and 29 years old. Helen and James, the couple in question, are ghosts left behind in the Light, having been dead for nearly years.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much work done yesterday. It’s detailed, smooth, and very well-put. I held stone still while the room folded in around me like a closing hand. I get it, you’re both dead and you’ve never met your own kind before and you’re adults, but GEEZ. If you want a different book, that is hauntingly beautiful That she no longer is a virgin, because some year old woman decided to dress up in her skin and take it for alura ride.

The story opens with Helen flitting from one host to another and the struggles she goes through with each transition. The writing, the prose is so very beautiful, but it is gentle. Or so Lwura thought. Apparently yes, but these ghosts have found a way around the whole touching tinibelas and wasted no time getting back into it by possessing the bodies of people whose souls have abandoned them.

I had been dead so long, hovering at side of my hosts, seeing and hearing the world but never being heard by anyone and never, in all these long years, never being seen by human eyes.

The concepts are interesting. Lauar author intertwines modern-day dysfunction with year old history, to develop a surreal yet difficult to imagine kindredship amoungst her hero and heroine; all the while making it believable.


The instalove got quite boring. And the stereotypical hypocritical Christians were so lame that I wanted to die to escape them. This book is about two ghosts who fall in love.

It’s in his whltcomb that she meets James, the first person able to see her since she died. View all 19 comments.

Entre luz y tiniebla by Laura Whitcomb (4 star ratings)

I also think it was well-done of the author to leave tinievlas loose ends; for example, while I hope the Browns resolve the difficulty they’ve been left with, entte Jenny and her mother and Billy and his brother can all move forward, I think it’s fitting that Helen goes on without knowing if they do; that is, after all, what happens when dd leave this world; we don’t get to see the end of every story.

There is also some language. Awesome, larua, seductive, intense, articulate, lush, fantasmic, suspenseful, beautiful, poetic, dark, amazing, unique, mysterious, romantic, excellent, gorgeous, wistful, eerie, superb, breathtaking, magnificent, wonderful, fascinating, Gothic, OMG, astounding, perfect, sublime, tender, painful, and last but not least, Jesus. Helen and James have their own special situation and instead of calling it insta-love I would consider it more of an extreme fascination with one another as they are the only ones of their ‘species’ as they called it.

Go read a book, you idjit! However this book is so much more than that. It doesn’t take much to like Helen, she’s kind, sweet and has a love of literature. The characters are only inside teenage bodies. That this book shouldn This is the single most mysteriously, creative, gorgeous book I’ve ever read.

But the ending was beautifully done. Helen has been dead for years and remembers only that she was a woman who had been married.