The Epistle TO Diognetus. CHAPTER 1 Since I see, most excellent Diognetus , that thou art exceedingly anxious to understand the religion of the Christians. Answer: The Letter (or Epistle) to Diognetus is a second- or third-century work the Letter to Diognetus purports to be written by a student of the apostles who. The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus is probably the earliest example of Christian apologetics, writings defending Christianity from its accusers.

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Christians love all men, but all men persecute them. The Jewsdiognetu, if they abstain from the kind of service above described, and deem it proper to worship one God diognetsu being Lord of all, [are right]; but if they offer Him worship in the way which we diobnetus described, they greatly err. He did not, as one might have imagined, send to men any servant, or angelor ruler, or any one of those who bear sway over earthly things, or one of those to whom the government of things in the heavens has been entrusted, but the very Creator and Fashioner of all things — by whom He made the heavens — by whom he enclosed the sea within its proper bounds — whose ordinances all the stars faithfully observe — from whom the sun has received the measure of his daily course to be observed — whom the moon obeys, being commanded to shine in the night, and whom the stars also obeyfollowing the moon in her course; by whom all things have been arranged, and placed within their proper limits, and diongetus whom all are subject — the heavens and the things that are therein, the earth and the things that are therein, the sea and the things epistlf are therein — fire, air, and diognetua abyss dioynetus the things which are in the heights, the things which are in the depths, and the things which lie between.

I suppose, then, you are sufficiently convinced that the Christians properly abstain from the vanity and error common [to both Jews and Gentiles ], and from the busybody spirit and vain boasting of the Jews ; but you must not hope to learn the mystery of their peculiar mode of worshipping God from any mortal.

But when our wickedness had reached its height, and it had been clearly shown that its reward, punishment and death, was impending over us; and when the time had come which God had before appointed for manifesting His own kindness and power, how the one love of God diognetua, through exceeding regard for men, did not regard us with hatrednor thrust us away, nor remember our iniquity against us, but showed great long-suffering, and bore with us, He Himself took on Him the burden of our iniquities, He gave His own Son as a ransom epiatle us, the holy One for transgressors, the blameless One for the wickedthe righteous One for the unrighteous, the incorruptible One for the corruptible, the immortal One for those who are mortal.

CHURCH FATHERS: Epistle to Diognetus (Mathetes)

For who that is rightly taught and begotten by the loving Word, would not seek to learn accurately the things which have been clearly shown by the Word to His disciplesto whom the Word being manifested has revealed them, speaking plainly [to them], not understood indeed by the unbelieving, but conversing with the discipleswho, being esteemed faithful by Him, acquired a knowledge diognettus the mysteries of the Father?


When punished, they rejoice as if quickened into life; they are assailed by the Epiistle as foreigners, and are persecuted by the Greeks; yet those who hate them are unable to assign any reason for their hatred. And He has manifested Himself through faithto which alone it is given to behold God.

This was not that He at all delighted in our sinsbut that He simply endured them; nor that He approved the time of working iniquity which then was, but that He sought viognetus form a mind conscious of righteousness, so that being convinced in that time of our unworthiness of attaining life through our own epist,e, it should now, through the kindness of Godbe vouchsafed to us; and having made it manifest that in ourselves we were unable to enter into the kingdom of Diognstuswe might through the power of God be made able.

When you have read and carefully listened to these things, you shall know what God bestows on such as rightly love Him, being made [as you are] a paradise of delight, presenting in yourselves episte tree bearing all kinds of produce and flourishing well, being adorned with various fruits. They are in want of all things, and yet they abound in all things. Diognetus was the name of a tutor of the emperor Marcus Aurelius[4] who admired him for his freedom from superstition and sound educational advice.

The spistle two chapters, a sermon, were evidently written by a different author, also unknown. To help fight spam, this address might change occasionally.

O benefits surpassing all expectation! I cordially welcome this desire of yours, and I implore Godwho enables us both to speak and to hear, to grant to me so to speak, that, above all, I eepistle hear you have been edified, and to you so to hear, that I who speak may have no cause of regret for having done so. In Protestant usage, apologetics can be distinguished from polemics, in which the beliefs of a particular Christian church are defended.

For in this place the tree of knowledge and the tree of life have been planted; but it is not the tree dioggnetus knowledge that destroys — it is disobedience that proves destructive.

Letter to Diognetus

What is it about the God they believe in, and the form of religion they observe, that lets them look down upon the world and despise death? Christian Literature Publishing Co. Him He sent unto them. Who of us would ever have expected these things?

Richardson, Early Christian Fathers, pp. William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, epiatle called the English national poet and considered…. The soul, though immortal, has a mortal dwelling place; and Christians also live for a time amidst perishable things, while awaiting the freedom from change and decay that will be theirs in heaven.

Regrettably, I can’t reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads. They live in their own countries as though they were only passing through.


Do you not see that the more of them are punished, the greater becomes the number of the rest? And if you love Him, you will be an imitator of His kindness. Let any one of you suffer such indignities!

Lord Byron, British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination…. Like others, they marry and have children, but they do not expose them. The soul is dispersed through all the members of the body, and Christians are scattered through all the cities of the world.

I gladly welcome this zeal in thee, and I ask of God, Who supplieth both the speaking and the hearing to us, that it may be granted to myself to speak in such a way that thou mayest be made better by the hearing, and to thee that thou mayest so listen that I the speaker may not be disappointed.

For the Christians are distinguished from other men neither by country, nor language, nor the customs which they observe.

Epistle to Diognetus – Wikipedia

It is by the soul, enclosed within the body, that the body is held together, and similarly, it is by the Christians, detained in the world as in diignetus prison, that diognetys world is held together. Might not the vessels which are now made out of the same material, if they met with the same artificers, be made like diognrtus such as these? We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

Do they not all rot and decay? They have a common table, but not a common bed. For what other thing was capable of covering our sins than His righteousness? For, to accept some of those things which have been formed by God for the use of men as properly formed, and to reject others as useless and redundant — how can this be lawful?

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The Christians in the world. Dipgnetus are put to death, and yet they are endued with life. To speak in general terms, we may say that the Christian is to the world what the soul is to the body. This is He who was from the beginning, who appeared as if new, and was found old, and yet who is ever born afresh in the hearts of the saints.

And next, I imagine that you are most desirous of hearing something on this point, that the Christians do not observe the same forms of divine worship as do the Jews. Let any one of you endure to have such things done to himself!

The course of conduct which they follow has not been devised by any diognetjs or deliberation of inquisitive men; nor do they, like some, proclaim themselves the advocates of any merely human doctrines.