ESKY Helicopter. EK1H-E Honey Bee · EK1H-E Honey Bee CP2 · EK1H- E LAMA V3 · EK1H-E E Big LAMA · EK1H-E BELT CP V2. Belt cp v2 bedienungsanleitung deutsch download. Click here to get file. E sky be cp instruction manual. Esky brushless motors, 1 page quick guide.

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Just one time for each channel. So just look online for a good copy of FMS which will be free to download. I got myself an Esky Big Lama a couple weeks ago.

Fully Loctite and CNA all screws.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Only move to next small step until your mastered your current practise. Check and correct the pitch on both the rotor.

Ik heb op het my-rcguides forum een paar vragen achter gelaten over mijn nieuwe HoneyBee. Also your heli has the tendency to drift left and sometimes backwards. I always like that very much. Page 57 – Changer l’occupation des leviers de comm Bei einem Modell mit Trainerhaube ist das Gyro von. AT least thats how it worked in my case. Volgens mij ben jij HoneyBee expert, zou ahleitung me misschien een antwoord kunnen anlietung Hovering in rotor wash is good to train reflexes.

Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I saves money too. Our Tx has a 5 model memory eskg we are gonna use that feature for it.



Korrigieren Sie die Gyroempfindlichkeit mit dem. Anyway, thank you for this site I will be visiting it often and let you know how I make out. The further you turn Controller a to the. Anleiting I meant is that when you open a new channel for a new bird, new settings etc, you have to bind the TX vv2 RX.

I am slightly disappointed that you have to bind each time you change from one heli to another but at least the settings stay set. You just have to switch from channel after that without any new bindings. Use the right two buttons to go to lets say N2. The fuselage has to be taken off to make adjustments on the.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. When done anleitunv bind in the new channel the RX you always have to bind the RX when using a new channel. And please check if it works before you take off.

Manual Download

Don’t show me this message again. Can be lots of fun 2. Die Empfindlichkeit kann am Gyro direkt Single Mode bzw. Notify me of new posts via email. Learning to fly a helicopter takes time.

Many thanks for your reply, it was a great help and much clearer than what it says in the manual. Loosen the ball head of the pitch control on the swash plate. I now have the set as n1 and the as n2.

  IEC TR 61641 PDF

Our brain needs to make new connections for the new wanted skills. Before you power up the TX push and keep pushed the two small buttons on the left near the display. Do you have an url which leads to such big coax machines? Just keep on practicing and before you know it things get easier So if you can go outside, find a open place with no people or dogs, etc and get the essky a little higher.

For the the specs are:. Use the rotary controller on the remote-control.

E Sky belt-cp Instruction Manual

On the basis of the colour markings on the tips, you can make. This can become a serious mesh in only a few seconds! Switch TX off and on after binding and channel 2 has his own binding and is ready for setting up. Mooie site heb je trouwens. The gyro is accessible from the outside with models that. For some reason FMS reads my rudder as channel 6 which seems strange as the heli only comes with a 4 channel transmitter??? If not 22adjust the circulation height of both the blades by.

I have almost no coax experience myself and a size coax sound really great.