UNIT 1 UNITS ASSOCIATED WITH BASIC ELECTRICAL QUANTITY UNIT 2 CELLS AND BATTERY UNIT 3 AN INTRODUCTION TO. Et – Electrical Technology – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ET ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY: 15 WEEKS: 2: NONE. SYNOPSIS ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY introduces students to the principles of operation of DC.

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A material or element that allows free movement of electrons and therefore allows easy flow of electricity. Two charged plates are connected by a wire conductor.

Electrical Engineering Technology

Static Electricity Atoms are made of charged particles: Registration Forgot your password? The technklogy salingan of resistance of conductor is called its conductance G. Characteristics of various three-phase power configurations and in-plant power distribution are covered.

The exploration of engineering-related professions will help students identify both personally and professionally satisfying opportunities. Explain DC circuit concepts and their analyses with different method technollgy approach. If a conductor has resistance R, then its twchnology G is given by: Additional topics include Fourier transforms and wireless communications.

Emphasis is placed on direct current DC circuits containing voltage and current sources and resistor networks in series, parallel, and series-parallel configurations. Introduces properties of semiconductor materials and how they are manipulated to create several types of diodes, transistors, and optoelectronic devices.

Electricity — Potential, Power, and Resistance. View more contact information. Electrical Engineering Technology Course Descriptions.


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Electrical Technology ET | GCT Books

Selection, setup and circuitry associated with AC and DC drives and motors. A student wishing to study or conduct tefhnology in an area not represented in available scheduled courses should develop a preliminary proposal and seek the sponsorship of a faculty member. This course introduces applications of electromechanical elecctrical using switches, indicators, relays, timers, and programmable logic controllers PLCs.

An introduction to analysis techniques for continuous-time and discrete-time signals and typical model systems.

Static and dynamic systems are explored in the context of applications such as rechnology, dielectric and permeable materials, transmission lines, antennas and waveguides. The electromotive force e. This course uses theory, laboratory investigation, and circuit simulation software to introduce intermediate electrical and circuit analysis principles. Transformers, three-phase power, frequency response analysis, and selected direct current DC topics will also be introduced.

It also cover cell and batteries, magnetic and electromagnetic circuit. This course uses theory, laboratory investigation, and circuit simulation software to introduce basic electrical and circuit techjology principles.

Operation and application of electronic instrumentation, measurement devices and methods of measurements using e101 sensors and transducers are also covered. Concept of derivative, antiderivative and definite integral. The course concentrates on the physical and data link layers of communication networks. It is denoted by the symbol S.

ET – ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY – Nota Politeknik Malaysia

The field experience will not be covered in other courses. Emphasis is placed on the steady state characteristics of sinusoidal alternating current AC circuits with resistive and reactive capacitors and inductors elements in series, parallel, and series-parallel configurations.


If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. A unit on basic alternating current AC resistive circuits with sinusoidal voltage and current sources is included. Real valued functions of a single variable. Introduces common industry drafting practices in the design process with an emphasis on computer-aided drafting CAD.

These days, it is usual practice to use Siemen as texhnology unit of conductance. Each student maintains a bounded engineering log notebook.

Prefixes to Signify Powers of Emphasis on problem solving, approximation, data analysis and visualization. This course will expose students to the expectations of a professional work environment and help them learn to balance field and office responsibilities.

This course is an overview of project elevtrical with ttechnology emphasis on engineering projects. Topics covered in this course include ethics, project managements, team work, working with data, creating presentations, engineering design and a thorough understanding of the engineering technology profession.

This course will provide the time and space for students to engage in engineering-related scholarship at a high level and expose them to a diverse set of professionals.