PERSONAS JURDICAS F. /J RUBRO I PERSONA JURDICA Razn Social o Denominacin: C.U.I.T.: RUBRO II ADMINISTRADOR DE RELACIONES. Inscripción en AFIP (Administración Fiscal de Ingresos Al formar parte de la . o a través del formulario F (Anexo 3) a la agencia de la AFIP que . Original y copia del formulario de la AFIP empleador (del mismo se. Form /F and /J, along with a copy of his/her complete. Passport and a residency certificate. Agency: National Tax Office (AFIP). 1 day no charge.

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Casa Mun Newcomer Dec 7, We are in the process of selling our apartment with all the built in AFIP issues.

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What’s new New posts New profile formularuo Latest activity. He suggested I go to the US embassy. When you arrive, you go through security and, of course, will need to show your U.


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AFIP F.3283/ notarized? US embassy?

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Formulario 5 3 Anses Interactivo –

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Formulario F Interactivo –

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When I signed a the power of attorney for the sale of my apartment my accountant had the document “legalized” by an Argentine escribano. He is the link to the embassy: The following is a keyword list associated with Formulario F Interactivo.