The Fostex FR2LE is something of a less expensive sequel to the popular Fostex FR2 supply, remote control, draw‑string carrying bag and instruction manual. Fostex FR2-LE Portable Digital Solid State Sound Recorder. FOSTEX FR-2LE SPECIFICATIONS | info | pdf | manual | accessories | media | buy |. View and Download Fostex FR-2LE owner’s manual online. FIELD MEMORY RECORDER. FR-2LE Recording Equipment pdf manual download.

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Setting The Default File Name default File Name This item sets the scene name and take fkstex which are used in a file name when the file name mode is set to “Take” see the previous page. Used to enable or disable the high pass filter. Basic Connections Chapter 4: You can edit the default reel number which is given when a memory card is formatted.

This item sets the scene name and take number which are used in a file name when the file name mode is set to “Take” see the previous page. Before using the FR-2LE Page 96 – Selecting the monitor mode Monitor Mode Press the [PLAY] key to start playback. Page – Setting the maximum file size Max File Page – Enabling or disabling the error tone fun Names and functions FR-2LE This message appears when the battery for operating the in- ternal realtime clock is exhausted.


Exporting audio files to a PC Select a desired audio file in the “bwff” directory on the card see arrow 4 below. Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus.

Page days. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Selecting the recording sources Source Sel This item selects the recording sources between the internal microphones and external sources.

Fostex FR-2LE Owner’s Manual

Page 40 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 3: You can now make recording to the formatted memory card using the FR-2LE. Page 82 Field Memory Recorder Chapter 7: Do not drop the unit or give it a strong shock.

This menu item is used for initializing all settings of the Setup menu to the factory-preset condition. RSS Mobile Page created in 0. I’m a percussionist, I can play on carton boxes” – Peer Wyboris.

Field Memory Recorder Chapter 2: Page 68 Field Memory Ft2le Chapter 5: Playback FR-2LE In the following description, it is assumed that more than one audio file is recorded to the card and the recorder is stopped at the beginning of the first created audio file. See “File menu” described later for details. Field Memory Recorder Chapter 8: The time data of the realtime clock can be used as a file name when a new audio file is created on the card i.

After making cable connection, insert the battery case or a Tamiya battery to the compartment. Page – Selecting the time display mode Time Di You can manually set and store a cue point at the desired position during recording or while stopped. Note that the unit cannot make additional recording to an existing audio file. FR-2LE Battery remaining indication When the FR-2LE operates with batteries, you can roughly know the battery condi- tion via the battery indicator at the bottom fsotex the display.



In such a case, leave the unit for a while until it warms up and evaporates any moisture. This message appears when turning on the power. Should water fotsex the inside of the unit, turn off the power, unplug the AC adaptor and remove batteries, and consult your dealer or the nearest FOSTEX service station.

Adjusting The Internal Microphone Level “12” of the onscreen meter is labeled in inverse video, showing that it is the reference position. Names and functions Front panel The Sony are very inefficient compared to the Sennheiser HD Labor costs are also covered by Fostex America for one 1 year from the date of original purchase. The selected audio file is shown in “Region in current file”.

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