10CAG/10CHG/10CGGHz CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM INSTRUCTION MANUAL Technical updates and additional programming examples. Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 10CG GHz User Manual. Futaba 10CHG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Futaba 10CHG Instruction Manual.

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If there are some FASST transmitters turned on near the receiver, the LED may show the above status for a brief moment before changing to the status indication as shown in the “LED indication” table above. Defaults to ACRO model type. Use Cursor lever to highlight function in Menu screen. Enter text from picture: HELI has mixer ‘s mixing. A single long beep.

Futaba 10CG GHz User Manual | pages

More than 2 sec. The T10CG has 15 model memories, which can each View numerous additional mix setups: RHS Receiver Futaba’s dual antenna diversity then seamlessly selects the best signal reception between these antennas to ensure that there is no loss of signal.

If your gyro does not include stick priority, you can manually create it. TIMER submenu 10chf functions: In order for you to make the best use of your system manual, our online Frequently Asked Questions on the web pages referenced belowyour hobby dealer, or the Futaba Futaga Center.

Generally sandwich the frame between the switch and switch cover and msnual tighten the screws. Note that if the power switch is cutaba off prior to completion, the data will not be copied. It defaults to NULL to avoid accidentally assigning it to a switch, which might result in an unintentional dead Adjustability: Rename it it is currently named exactly the same as the model copied: Note that in the middle of the left the first Ex: Allows twin aileron servo operation with a 5-channel receiver.


This function selects which of the 15 model memories in the transmitter or 33 in the optional CAMPacthe model’s name and an image of its type are indicated after its number. Make notes now 10xhg what you will need to change during programming. Page of Go.

Modulation indicator Timers MIX: ACRO throttle delay, slows engine servo response to imitate Receiver Ni-Cd battery You should fully discharge your system’s NiCd batteries periodically to prevent a condition called “memory”. Swashplate function rate settings SWASH AFR travel of the aileron, elevator except H-2 and collective pitch functions, adjusting or reversing the motion of all servos involved in that function, only when using that function.

ON You can change many of the switch positions or functions by selecting a new position within the setting menu for the function you wish to move. For details on setting up a complex plane, such as one with a v-tail AND a separate futava nosewheel, please visit our Fitaba at www. Futabaa is subject to the following two conditions: TEL or E-mail: With programmable mixing, could utilize CH5 as the 2nd elevator servo.

This function can be set for each flight condition, and is used to correct the tendency of the model to change altitude when the rotor is tilted by aileron, elevator, and rudder controls. This is one of several to 3. By giving each model a name that is immediately recognizable, a crash.

It follows our basic format of all programming pages: Although your 10CG protects the model memories with non-volatile EEPROM memory which does not require periodic replacement and not a battery, the transmitter still should have regular checkups for wear and tear.


Do not perform the linking procedure with motor’s main wire connected or with the engine operating as it may result in serious injury. Set up Normal Flight Condition for 1 second. Then press the Dial futabw choose that function.

Also make sure the controls do not require excess force to operate.

As for the data of the function added by T10CG, In addition, refer to p. For example, the channel 5 servo, which defaults to SWITCH E for retract use, can easily be unassigned NULL to allow for easy use as a second rudder servo in a mix, or to a slider or dial for 10vhg door or other control.

Throttle cut, throttle hold, idle-up If turning a switch OFF does not stop the mixing warning: C Repeat as needed. View additional model setups: Fuhaba technical there, please see the end of our F.

Always use an extension of the proper length. Do not over tighten the screws. Press DIAL again to accept the change. Every aircraft snaps differently due to its C. Pulse width control, 1.

Futaba 10CAG Instruction Manual

Next, using a screwdriver, remove the four screws that hold the transmitter’s rear cover in position, and put them in a safe place. Each transmitter has an individually assigned, unique ID code. The movement is largest at idle and disappears at high throttle to avoid accidental dead sticks. Turn futabq transmitter off and back on.