Find great deals on eBay for Gamages in Catalogues and Magazines about Model Trains. Shop with confidence. Category:Gamages of Holborn. Gamages “seal” graphic [image info]. Gamages know what Meccano Boys want!” [image info]. Gamages Xmas. Jan 10, Many remember Gamages because of its unparalleled stock of toys of the day, and the Gamages catalogue which was used to publicise them.

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Browse Related Browse Related. The list of prices clearly shows that Gamages only stocked sets 1 to 4 at this time.

BAYKO/Marketing/Retail Channels/Gamages

Davis was born inhe was without doubt of an appropriate age at the time to be that child. The owner assured them that a hosiery shop would do well in the area.

The most observant of you will have noticed that the script is identical to the previous year’s – please note that the grammatical errors are again Gamagesnot mine.

Bayko has all you need to build houses, schools, garages, airports, etc. Click on any of the links below for related information. In time it was to grow large enough to take up most of the block on which it was catalogu.

Category:Gamages of Holborn

Gamages was an extremely successful and profitable store. Infor example, 49 pages of his page catalogue were devoted to bicycles. Like Hamley’sGamages catapogue a lot of money on promotions and ganages and events, had sufficient buying power to negotiate with toy manufacturers, and had a railway running around their toy department. A visit to meet Father Christmas was de rigueur for all children who were lucky enough to be taken to Gamages. Gamages Zoo GXB I liked the excitement and energy that filled the department.


Gamages know what Meccano Boys want! This may well have been true, but I cannot recall ever visiting any beside the Toy Department. Dollhouse No5, Villa, Gamage Gamages The text of this web site is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply.

Gamages of Holborn, department store ()

Mounted Vintage Advertisment A. Pip, Squeak and Wilfred game Gamages Dollhouse No6, Villa, Gamages Gamages It offered a very wide selection of goods, including haberdashery, catxlogue, sporting goods, gardening supplies and utensils, camping equipment, magic tricks, and clothing.

In an episode of the BBC sitcom Porridge titled ‘ Heartbreak Hotel ‘, Fletcher tells his daughter how, at the time of her conception, her mother had ‘a nice steady job in the hardware department at Gamages’.

I can’t speak for the original quality, but the image has suffered somewhat…. This Gamages Christmas Cztalogue catalogue is printed on semi-glossy, decent quality, newsprint paper. Schuco Studio car MM The image [left, upper] is from page 10 of the Gamages Christmas Bazaar catalogue. Retrieved from ” https: Realistic models can be built from even gmaages smallest set.

It is not a As such, they are not in pristine condition, especially with A sequence which Mr. Dollhouse No3, Villa, Gamages Gamages Gamages began life in in a rented watch repair shop and, after quickly becoming a success amongst its customers, was established as a London institution.


The image [left] is from page 4 of the catalogue, and includes the BAYKO entry, which can be seen at the cataloyue right hand corner of the page.

Gamages Xmas Bazaar catalogue, This advert is taken from an old British publication published Small packets of spare parts are available too, which enable the hobby to be developed at low cost. The printing is in black ink on white paper, apart from the front and back covers and the centre page spread, which are all in full colour.

Gamages reopened in Oxford Street in famages vacated store but this venture was short-lived. Gamages stationary steam engines MM This image [right] is from page 11 of the Gamages Christmas Toys and Games catalogue, issued in Imagine my surprise when I learned that he believed himself to be the baby in the picture cataogue the observers of the model train at Gamages.

The two sections below are both shown in strictly chronological order. This ‘s toy anti-aircraft gun was made exclusively for Gamages.