Read The Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld #8) online free from your iPhone, iPad, The Darkest Surrender is a Romance novel by Gena Showalter. The Darkest Surrender by Gena Showalter, , available at of over fifty books, including the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld and Angels of. Oku «The Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld, Book 8)» Gena Showalter Rakuten Kobo ile. Strider Immortal Keeper of Defeat Nothing comes between.

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All my answers will be answered soon enough and as usual I can not wait for the next novel! De verdad, no aguanto a ese tipo. Thd Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

This is also one of the funnier of the installments, which is never a bad thing for me. MY THOUGHTS The Darkest Surrender is the latest foray in the the realm of the Lords of the Underworld, a group of damaged and tortured alpha men so brilliantly executed their stories play out in crisp detail in our minds while our emotions are teased, tested, and tormented. Then again, maybe it’s just that Showalter’s writing is so obviously the pinnacle of the paranormal romance genre that I couldn’t help but marvel anew at her sheer talent.

If he does not win any kind of challenge, he will feel intense physical agony, extreme pain for days.

King of the freaking world, now has his own personnel sidekick. August 14, Rereading Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. And additional cut scenes feature Paris and his search for Sienna. I do have to say that I really enjoyed the Kaia and Strider moments but they were too long This is the story of Strider who is possessed by the Demon of Defeat and Kaia, a harpy who comes into an interesting “other” power.

I hated that when Strider and Kaia had sex for the first time Paris had to be brought up because of course Strider had to be better than Paris in bed.


I loved them from the moment they were introduced. I don’t find their bantering scene sexy. This book was by far the most funniest! In truth, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to return to the series, a series for which I had once been a tremendous fan.

Kaia realized that Strider is her consort someone that’s very dear and rare to a harpy and tried to approach Strider and in a nice way, especially for a harpy. Nov 08, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: William was on a mission in the last book and I can proudly say that he succeeded in disposing of that mission. There were a lot of great and funny lines in this book and the part about the necklace at the end was sooo sweet! A Demonica Underworld Novella.

It’s now one of my favorites. I loved to follow his slow realization of his own feelings.

The Darkest Surrender

Harpies are much stronger and much deadlier than Lords. I know that I’ve read that before in other books, but it’s in here a TON and I can only picture it as having your eyes closed??

Kaia, Harpy extraordinaire, has known for a while now that Strider was her Consort. A battle he fought to win and when he did He had reasons for turning Kaia down in the beginning but they were pretty stupid reasons and while he tried to blow her off gently, he still hurt her for no real reason.

She strives to prove her prowess to her family darekst her fellow Harpies, but ultimately figures out that she only needs to accept herself to be happy.

I want to start at his sexy muscled stomach and work my way out, stopping at the extra hard parts until I am totally gorged on his sexiness. Problem is, he owes Kaia a debt, and when she collects, Strider will be forced to face his most terrifying challenge yet, winning the heart of a harpy. They are just so weird,LOL, but in a good way. And I have to wait until September?!?! What I liked about this book: Strider is a distraction she can t afford, especially as he intends to steal first prize, an ancient magical artifact, before the true victor can be named.


I want to start at his sexy muscled stomach and work my way out, stopping at the extra h 4. Kaia challenges him too much and that could wreak havoc in his life for him and his demon. That damn kiss had ruined everything. I enjoyed most of this book but it was not quite as action filled as most of the other ones, so I felt like I was spinning my wheels quite a few times. Now, it’s clear that the Skyhawks are targets; their lives are in danger.

Read The Darkest Surrender online free by Gena Showalter | Novelscom

He makes me want to punch people. Plenty of love, laughter, and humor saturate their relationship. But Strider does have a weakness, he can’t lose a single challange otherwise he suffers debilitating agony, and Kaia is extreme I want to steal 5 things from Kaia: Surrenser was a battle that hhe feisty nature and strength allowed her to conquer. And Kane, we haven’t seen much of him in the previous books so I liked havinga peek inside his noggin’.

September seems like forever away.

All in all this is not the strongest book in the series but still a good read. The Darkest Lie Lords of the Underworld.