Glomus tumor was also the name formerly (and incorrectly) used for a tumor now called a paraganglioma. A glomus tumor is a rare neoplasm arising from the. CT temporal bone and MRI internal auditory canal: 4 mm soft tissue mass along the right cochlear promontory consistent with a glomus tympanicum. Paragangliomas account for % of all neoplasms in the head and neck region, and about 80% of all paraganglioms are either carotid body tumors or glomus.

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Glomus tumor

The degree of surgical resection and tumor malignancy may influence the time and frequency glomud postoperative recurrence. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. The patient’s head is immobilized thorough a frameless system using a relocatable thermoplastic mask where the fiducial coordination is attached.

The therapeutic options for GJT treatment include surgery, radiotherapy and embolization, which can be used combined or individually. A glomus jugulare tumor is a tumor of the part of the temporal bone in the skull that involves the middle and inner ear structures.

Stereotactic radiosurgery for the treatment of Glomus Jugulare Tumors

Expression of angiogenic growth factors in paragangliomas. The average peripheral dose was cGy. Are having difficulty with hearing or swallowing Develop pulsations in your ear Notice a lump in your neck Notice any problems with the muscles in your face. Glomus jugulare tumor surgery with intracranial extension.

Head and Neck Surgery. Youmans and Winn Neurological Surgery. These images are fused to a computed tomography CT scan performed in the current day of treatment. The authors selected recent studies from groups yutular institutions that have tradition of publish articles.


Results of radiotherapy for chemodectomas. Micrograph of a glomus tumor. Paragangliomas of the jugular bulb and carotid body: One patient experienced a transient vertigo, and a second suffered acute gastrointestinal upset and developed a transient lower cranial nerves neuropathy. A case report of widespread metastases in a patient with multiple glomus body hamartomas”.

Technol Cancer Res Treat.

Multiple tumors are less likely to be painful. Fractionated stereotactic conformal radiotherapy in the management of large chemodectomas of the skull base. Chemodectoma, glomus jugulare tumor, radiosurgery.

As it is a noninvasive technique, it avoids the complications associated with surgery, yet without the potential risk of the conservative treatment. Presentation depends on the degree of middle ear involvement.

From the archives of the AFIP. Bradley’s Neurology in Clinical Practice. The jugular foramen is also where the jugular vein and several important nerves exit the skull. Histologically, glomus tumors are made up of an afferent arteriole, anastomotic vessel, and collecting venule. Difficulty swallowing dysphagia Dizziness Hearing problems or loss Glojus pulsations in the ear Hoarseness Pain Weakness or loss of movement in the face facial nerve palsy.

Planned limited surgical resection followed by staged gamma knife radiosurgery: A review comparing radiosurgery and surgery for the treatment of GJTs, analyzed eight series describing the use of radiosurgery in these yugu,ar.

Glomus tumor – Wikipedia

Complex tumors of the glomus jugulare: Radiation of glomus tumors of the temporal bone. The literature contains few described series of radiosurgery for GJTs to date, reflecting the limited use and knowledge of this technique. Paragangliomas of the head and neck: Biochemical and clinical responses after treatment of a catecholamine-secreting glomus jugulare tumor with gamma knife glomys. Thirteen of the patients were female and two were male. Sex, age, location and volume of the lesion, neurological symptoms presented before and after treatment, previous surgery, prescription dose, maximum dose, and change in characteristics image.


The neurological status improved in three patients and remained unchanged in 12 patients. Surgery is the treatment of choice and if complete resection is jugular a cure can be expected.

In a recently published meta-analysis study, 19 case series of radiosurgery were identified for GJT, using Gamma Knife, linear accelerator and CyberKnife, out of a total of patients.

Glomus jugulare tumor

The prescription dose ranged between and cGy, and the glomuw performed hypofractionation glomuus five fractions of cGy in one of the cases case Granulosa cell tumour Sertoli cell tumour Sex cord tumour with annular tubules. Acta Neurochir Wien ; This characteristic facilitates the marking of the target and the reduction of radiation isodoses. Surgery is complex and is most often done by a neurosurgeon, head and neck surgeon, and ear surgeon neurotologist. Tumors of the jugular foramen: