“Gymstick Original is a breakthrough functional training tool that will help you practice a large number of exercises without the aid of weights and dumbbells. Fedezd fel Adienn Hajnal Gymstick nevű tábláját a Pinteresten. | További ötletek a következővel kapcsolatban: Ejercicio, Exercise és Workouts. This workout is x through with a Gymstick (which you can check out here). Primary focus is butt, chest and core. Lunge With Press per.

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Training videos

The instability created by this lever arch also helps to improve joint strength and stability. The resistance of the bands can be easily manipulated. The ‘Trios’ class design Aqua Gymstick Trios is a cardiovascular and muscle conditioning class incorporating the multiple fitness principles of cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscle endurance, balance, joint stability, coordination and postural awareness.

Sample Trio Roll over and under with the stick overhand for 30 seconds followed by a second rest.

Strong — This black band is designed for fit men and women and athletes. Repeat Trio as above, with gystick change of grip to underhand. Gymstick was invented by a team of fitness and health professionals from the Finnish Institute of Sport whose objective was to develop a comprehensive strength and conditioning tool for the whole body.

Both proprioception and balance will be challenged by this exercise photo 3.


Stick it to ’em!

Extra strong — This silver band is designed for extremely fit men and athletes. Roll over and under with the stick and aerial jack overhand followed by a second rest. The Aqua Gymstick Trios class elevates heart rate while also providing an excellent upper and lower body workout and giving participants a truly original aqua learning experience. See guide for selecting the correct resistance band over page. The resistance ranges from 1 to 20kg.

Cardiorespiratory fitness often gykstick. And with the ability to increase and decrease tension — and therefore challenge — it’s ideal for use with participants of different strength and fitness levels, from the obese or the elderly, to personal training clients or athletes.

Digital word of mouth. Training on unstable surfaces – the missing link. Hold the Gymstick with an overhand grip and push alternate end forward in opposition to the leg.

Gymstick™ Exercises | Physiotools

A gym on a stick! It is important to begin with an appropriate level of tension in the bands. Yoga pose — tighten up the bands and grip with the elbows, holding the Gymstick close to the torso shoulders relaxed. To do this, the trainer move forwards or backwards to increase or decrease the tension. Promote, or get left behind.

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Some exercises require the bands to be tighter e. Pendulum — hop from leg to the other abducting leg to either side. Marietta Mehanni Marietta is an award winning Australian presenter Author of the YearAqua Exercise Leader of the Year and Australian Fitness Network Ambassador with over 20 exerrcises of teaching experience in both land and water-based group exercise.


Eat, Sleep, Workout — Essential elements for fat loss. Roll over and under with the stick and jumping jack overhand for 30 seconds followed by a second rest.

Trios consist of a primary exercise, a first progression and a second progression. In order to complete a movement effectively with the Gymstick, more eccentric control is required than when using free weights, which acts to increase the pre-loading necessary for an eff ective concentric muscle action.

The next series of exercises involves a dynamic component. Hold the Gymstick with an overhand grip and push alternate end forward in opposition to the legs. For the participant, the Aqua Gymstick aids in the development of postural awareness and challenges aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Hold the Gymstick with an overhand grip and abduct arms in the opposite direction to the legs.

Trio 3 Twist the bands twice. Lift left leg off the floor and abduct to side.