‘The Economy of the Covenants is Witsius’s magnum opus. He wrote it to promote peace amongst theologians who were divided on covenant theology. Witsius. The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man. By Herman Wits (Witsius ). But none, I imagine, will deny, that even this consideration must have. In this two volume work, Witsius, presents the reader with a fully biblical and experiential doctrine of the divine covenants; opening up their nature, The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man, Vols. 1 & 2. by Herman Witsius.

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Knowledge must be a apart of faith or faith cannot exist. Of the extraordinary Sacraments in the Wilderness. All things come from God.

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man: Comprehending a Complete Body of Divinity

He gives to us a down payment of our eternal salvation Eph. It was a picture of our eternal inheritance Numb. He then appeals to God as a witness to his lie. The acts of faith.

With the Jews there is a twofold use of ecoonmy that is important to consider: This set a pattern which man is to copy.

Old Testament saints had the law written on their hearts Ps. It is a representation of virtue, goodness, and holiness, and the way in which man can have glorious communion with God Lev.

Some say that there is no proper forgiveness of sins in the Old Econoym. The sacrament of Paradise was the Garden of Paradise. Being cut off from the tree demonstrated the need of a Mediator to bring them back to the tree. The seed of regeneration is the word of God.

God only called the nation of Israel to be His people. The universal precepts of the law are founded upon the nature of God, that is, an expression econkmy His character.

The righteous must contend with sin is the meaning behind his name. In this we should be careful to interpret the types of the Old Testament properly and precisely.


Scripture declares that the proximate effect of redemption is actual salvation Rom. In the pre-fallen state of man it was the rule of obedience. There is a counsel of Peace between God and the Branch.

Sometimes believers do doubt. And the uses of the doctrine of justification are to display the glory, goodness, justice and wisdom of God. The justice of God would never be satisfied unless flesh kept the covenant bond Ephesians 5: The law does not change because God does not change. The difference between obedience in the Covenant of Works and faith in the Covenant of Grace is the difference between giving and receiving. In Adam everyone sinned, as if they had been there.

Faith is not a work that merits justification, for the condition of justification is perfect obedience which was completed in Christ. The law does not state that the very person to be saved must perform the perfect righteousness or punishment.

The Savior must also be true God Isa. Old Testament believers did not have the peace that comes from the ransom being fully paid but they did have peace knowing that they did not have to pay it and that the Messiah would one day do so.

Christ was pictured in the ceremonial law and the godly found much comfort, delight, and learned much from the ceremonial law. The blessings given to the sons of God are extraordinary blessings 1 Cor. Moses was followed by a succession of prophets with the exception of some very few and short intervals 1 Sam.

The difference consists in the administration of the testaments, not the actual substance of the testaments themselves. Introduction to the Covenant of Grace The consequence to the Fall was that the Covenant of works was broken and the New Covenant was established.

Spiritual Peace is a mutual concord between God and the sinner, who is justified by faith; so that the heart of God is carried out towards man, and in like manner, the heart of man towards God, by a delightful inclination of friendship. I also find this treatment less icy than the Scottish authors. Temporary faith engages the heart but only for a time.


The time is fifty days after the Exodus and the place was Mount Sinai Deut. The ceremonial law was finally abrogated at the destruction of Jerusalem since it was still lingering even after the death of Christ because of Jews who were zealous for the law. A brilliant and devout student, he was fluent in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew by the age of fifteen, when he entered the University of Utrecht.

Moreover, the year is with reference to Levites and cvenants priests. It is a solemn duty to Christ that we partake worthily. How will Christ gain such benefits?

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man

It was part of the wall of partition between Jews and Gentiles that has been abolished by Christ Eph. The promise made to man was eternal life. Hodge Children and Church Membership – by Dr.

The witsuus possession and enjoyment of God is the end of glorification, besides the glory of God in general Ps.

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man by Herman Witsius | A Puritan’s Mind

Which is the manner in which Witsius defines this. Of the Suretyship and Covrnants of Christ. Although himself a member of the federalistic school, he was in no way blind to the value of the scholastically established dogmatic system of the Church.

The exegetical foundation is in Zech. It should be noted that the obedience of Christ did not abrogate our responsibility to obey the law.

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