Common Names. Hoxsey herbs; Hoxsey formula; Hoxsey method. Jump to: For Patients & Caregivers; For Healthcare Professionals. The BioMedical Center may be the oldest alternative cancer clinic in North America. It started in Dallas, Texas, circa as the Harry Hoxsey Cancer Clinic . Cancer and Hoxsey therapy – It is always painful to swim against the flow!.

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Different historical accounts state various herbs included in the original formula. The first Hoxsey clinic thwrapy in the s in Illinois, and Hoxsey therapy became popular for cancer in the United States during the s and s, with clinics operating in multiple states.

Office of Technology Assessment. Other ingredients are then added and may include licorice, red clover, burdock, stillingia root, berberis root, pokeroot, cascara, Aromatic USP 14, goxsey ash bark, and buckthorn bark.

The Hoxsey Hoax

Commissioner Larrick warned Hoxsey publicly in A recipe book by Chris Woollams and Barbara Cox. He was sent to jail and released on innumerable occasions on the grounds of practicing Medicine without a license. Supplements therxpy immune stimulants, yeast tablets, vitamin C, calcium and laxatives.

Ironically Hoxsey himself died of prostate cancer — and, yes, he did take his own therapy. Worse, Hoxsey had an elixir for internal cancers.

Hoxsey – the quack who cured cancer

Today the Bio-Medical Center combines the flexible Hoxsey formula with diet, vitamin and mineral thrrapy. John Hoxsey gathered these herbs and mixed them with old home remedies used for cancer. Hoxsey Therapy is also marketed over the Internet ; hoxzey Junethe FDA National Health Fraud Coordinator noted that “There is no scientific evidence that it has any value to treat cancer, yet consumers can go online right now and find all sorts of false claims that Hoxsey treatment is effective against the disease.


Hoxsey initially opened a clinic in Taylorville, Illinois to sell his treatment, one of 17 clinics that he would eventually open. This group found that while many elements of Hoxsey Therapy had antitumor activity in vitrothe complete Hoxsey tonic had never been tested in animal models or in human clinical trials.

Several books on herbalism have claimed that some of the herbs in the therapy have anti-tumor effects in vitro. Information presented is of a general nature for educational and informational purposes only.

Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. Hozsey interviewed current and ex-patients and concluded that the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic is: Hoxsey — the quack who cured cancer?

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The Hoxsey Hoax | Office for Science and Society – McGill University

Anderson Cancer Center found no evidence that Hoxsey Therapy is effective as a treatment for cancer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The treatment gained wide press coverage in due to a court dispute between the family of Starchild Abraham Cherrix and Social Services of the State of Virginia.

Retrieved from ” https: Even as long ago as the s, Dr J W Fell of the Middlesex Hospital was using bloodroot and zinc oxide directly onto malignant hoxeey with great effect.

With the help of Dr Goxsey Mohs, a surgeon and the Dean of Wisconsin Medical School and several of its staff, he treated surface cancers that were then surgically removed with success. However, the NCI found that of these 77 reports, only 6 included actual tissue biopsies.

Hoxsey – the quack who cured cancer | CANCERactive

CA Cancer J Clin. Two Federal courts upheld the “therapeutic value” of the Hoxsey internal tonic. His own son Harry Hoxsey got interested at an early age and founded the first Hoxsey clinic in Stillingia root Stillingia sylvatica. The AMA accepted the challenge and twice asked Hoxsey to provide patient files.

A study took place in by ten physicians who visited the Hoxsey’s clinic in Dallas. But after receiving the Hoxsey treatment in Dallas, she is going to school and is cancer free.